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Tradingview btc binance

tradingview btc binance

View live Binance Coin / Bitcoin chart to track latest price changes. Trade ideas, forecasts and market news are at your disposal as well. Hello traders! In the past few days Market rose up and every coin is at least 50% up. If we talk about BTC it is 40% up from Feb low and if we look at Jan. TradingView users can now trade crypto through TradeStation Crypto, in addition to stocks, ETFs, and commodity futures through an existing. CRYPTO VOTING Tradingview btc binance ethereum mining and bitcoin mining difficulty tradingview btc binance


Hello Traders I hope you are well and safe. When price Test Supply Area then the Nice opportunity for short. If you have any queries then leave a comment. Thank you, Traders. Nice opportunity for long. Thank you. Hello Crypto Lovers, Mars Signals team wishes you high profits.

We are in the daily time frame. The price has broken the resistance line and is making its pullback. We expect it to rise up again and hit the next resistance zone. If this resistance zone is broken, it will go higher and if the support zone is broken, it will go lower. Warning: This is just a On the USD pair the double top will dominate in the short term, leaving price to fall a bit. On this dip it would be a great time to enter.

This dip is shown on this analysis below The BNBBTC pair looks very bullish, you could call the current structure in the bigger rectangle a double Trading suggestion: ". There is a possibility of temporary retracement to the suggested support line 0. On the Weekly chart in BTC pair, BNB seems to have risen after months of consolidation phase carrying out the first upward impulsive move.

Its currently almost at the end of its impulse correction wave 2 and is ready to get to new heights in its BTC pair. A strong rejection of upward moves in different verticals of cryptos has created a selling opportunity. This trend may continue with some checks and balances and we must trade any instrument carefully so that we can escape I think we have a good volume signal here.

Let's see what's to come. This trade is based on the continuation of said wedge. Before entering this trade wait for the price to close above the Entry line. Higher time frames yield a higher predictive power. These areas are based on recent swing highs and round numbers. Do your own due diligence. Happy trading!. Always do your own research and always put stoploss in your trade SL : If you want more detailed info how to study and read charts or just need help with some coin, just write to me here a comment, i will try to answer to everybody Join Crypto.

With the higher low established off of the 46K area, it is within reason to anticipate at least a test of the 57K peak over the coming week. So what can go wrong? Since the 57K peak, it is possible that Bitcoin is in the early part of a broad wave 4 consolidation. It has yet to be confirmed so that is something we must keep in mind as new long signals develop.

Jumping to conclusions and reacting too early can be a very expensive exercise especially when reinforced by inaccurate analysis. So a more conservative adjustment to profit target expectations at this point is in line with such a possibility. At the same time, we cannot ignore the fact that the broader bullish trend is still intact. The 43K area is now an established higher low. Higher lows are often followed by higher highs in a bullish trend. What can make a mess of things is the minor resistance around the 52 to 55K area.

This is proportional to the bearish swing off of the 57K peak. IF price cannot clear it, a lower high will likely develop which would be a sign of weakness and further hint toward the consolidation phase. We shared a swing trade long a week ago at this same price level and that trade, along with its stop and targets is still in play. No need to change anything at this point and let the market work. We also sent out some ideas for similar setups across a few alt coins as well. Since we are in Bitcoin, we are not going to add further risk by taking the same trade setup in an alt coin that follows Bitcoin.

That is the same as putting on more Bitcoin. Many still do not realize that most alts do NOT trade on their own. One thing that has kept us in the trade is being patient and NOT reacting to minor noise like we saw throughout the previous week. Rules govern our decisions, not feelings or opinions. Usually it is better to minimize one's actions and let the market play out, even if it turns out to be a stop.

Unless it is painfully clear and a sell signal develops at the predetermined resistance, we will do nothing. If the adverse setup confirms, we will consider an early exit, or partial exit to reduce risk. Keep in mind the rationale I am sharing here is specific to short term swing trading which is NOT the same for our portfolio strategy. Based on our swing trade strategy, if 49, is reached, the stop loss can be placed around 46K and one target can be placed around 53K we share 3 profit targets normally.

Thank you for considering my analysis and perspective. I hope you find it helpful. And if you are new to this, please paper trade the idea first. BTC broke neckline and hit the resistance at 4. BTC going to break out of the ascending triangle in the uptrend channel 5. BTC has two strong supports at and 47K 6. Attention: Blue path : there is a blue unclear path that taken too why? A potential reversal zone is formed by 0.

Watch the zone for bearish reversal signs. Beware of warnings: bullish gaps, large expansion bars or tail-close candles inside the zone. Good luck. A rejection took place at the blue trendline recently and we saw prices moving below MA, EMA all the way down to EMA, which worked as support. The trading volume is still low, so be aware, sudden moves can happen in any direction when the volume is low. What's your take?

Do you think Bitcoin will reverse and continue the previous correction? Share with us in the comments section below. Democrats had to make several last-minute changes to win support from all of their members, as they say the plan is needed to get the country through the end of the pandemic. Republicans opposed another major spending plan, contending the state of the economy does not warrant it. New money for the market is a reason to grow. I expect growth from the U.

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