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Btc photography

btc photography

Instagram starter packs for beginner, intermediate and advanced photo setups. Want more education like this? This class is included in BTC's Social Climbing. Apr 4, - Photo editor: PicMonkey. BTC Photography-Where photography is ART!! Find Bitcoin passport stock images in HD and millions of other bitcoin passport stock photos and photography are available royalty-free. 0.01775527 BTC TO YSD Btc photography ethereum classic coin news btc photography


Hippie Boho. Fabric Weights. Gifts For Her. Photography Gifts for the special photographer in your life. Photography Settings. Photography Pics. Scenic Photography. Types Of Photography. Photography Lessons. Outdoor Photography. Nature Photography. Exposure Photography. Aerial Photography. Long Exposure Photography of Seascapes. Ever wondered how to photograph long exposures of seascapes to smooth out the water?

Making rough water smooth gives the photo a fine art look. Here is video that shows you how I do it using neutral density filters. Photography Guide. Photography Tutorials. Photo Today. Camera Settings. Best Vacations. Guide to Vacation Photos. Photography guide to vacation photos for beginners. Visit France. France Europe. France Travel. Paris France. Best Travel Guides. Europe Travel Guide. Packing List For Vacation. Many of you have already met me Ben , and a few of you have already met my Partner Allyson.

From helping with customer enquiries, managing diaries, researching and negotiating with suppliers, and of course making sure that people are paid. Allyson is the person who would normally deal with customers when they call with a question or to book a session. She also quality checks each and every print and product that we receive from our labs, before we give them to the customer.

Quality is VERY important to us, and we take this very seriously and in fact, we both check every single print. Our work hangs on the walls of hundreds of homes around the local area, and even in homes as far away as Arizona and Sydney.

We would not let a print out if the quality wasn't up to our exact standards. Allyson enjoys reading, and relaxing baths and cleaning yes, believe it or not, she considers this relaxing! On the day, be it a family session, a wedding, christening, or commercial photo session, I will be the photographer that will capture the images for you. Afterwards, I would edit the images, and create the videos, sneak peeks and then prepare the order for the Lab for printing.

Once the prints are here, I would also make a quality inspection of them after Allyson, ensuring that everything about the photo is perfect. Away from the photography, I enjoy flying Model Helicopters, and keeping up to date with Technology.

Allyson and I live in Grimsby with the five kids aged from 14 to 2 years , and enjoy spending time with them, although this can bring it's own challenges. We hear a lot of people say that they couldn't bear the thought of working with their partner, but for us it works out great.

So, it's been a hectic few weeks here. But, we felt that the website was in dire need of an overhaul. So, we started to piece together what we wanted the new website to do: New look New interface Better content Easier navigation More cross browser compatibility So, we started work. First of all, there was the issue of mobile, what to do with them. But, without pushing out the users of conventional PC's. So, we came up with a solution of building a site specific for mobile browsers, this given them the same content as the desktop version of the site, but formatted for the smaller screen.

This also meant developing a mobile solution for the On-Line gallery that we use. In the past, our galleries have been mobile compatible, but now they're built for mobile devices, so they work much better, and overall they're easier to use. It was supposed to launch yesterday but it clashed with the release of Apple's iOS 6, and there were a few incompatibility issues with it, so it's been held back.

The good news, is that these issues have now been resolved, and the launch of the website will happen in the next few days. Okay, so the summer holidays are about over, and the kids and the parents are looking forward to schools re-opening. New uniforms, New shiny shoes.. Love it! The newness and crispness of everything, the joy and excitement in the child for returning, the anticipation of starting a new school, or moving up a year. The parents, coming to grips with a younger child starting out on their first day at school, or an older child's first day of their last year.

It all goes so fast. These are the moments that we capture in a school portrait. Birthdays, Despite them being a once a year event, and you getting plenty of time to plan the perfect gift, they still seem to creep up on you out of nowhere. If you're anything like me, then you will find yourself searching for that perfect gift only a few days at best before their birthday.

Well, maybe we can help. Photo's make great gifts, so why not give a photo session gift voucher? Of course, you can customise your voucher by adding extra prints, or a canvas perhaps, or, maybe you just want to give them a session and then an amount to spend on what ever they choose. No problem, just contact, and we can customize the voucher for you. That's exactly what someone did for their friend recently, they contacted us, and arranged a special gift voucher for a birthday, and we even personalized it for them too.

So, when she contacted us to arrange her session, we made the necessary arrangements, and soon the session was upon us. Upon arrival at the clients house, we unloaded the kit from the car, and began to setup. Meanwhile having a chat, and getting to know the family a little better, as well as getting an idea of what they were hoping for from the session.

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