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The Bitcoin ecosystem uses a certain hash value for representing the genesis block, it could be another follows the million-coin creation schedule. Think about having your schedule completely open at all hours of the day. Right now with a standard job, that's most likely pretty impossible because your. Summer credit class schedule (printable PDF) BTC Proofreading and Editing Business Documents (2) BTC Your Professional Image (1). ETHER BTC BITCOIN

The BTC fax number is. BTC offers online courses. Follow these steps to enroll in an online course. The primary objective of Bellingham Technical College is to prepare an educated. In training students, Bellingham Technical College stresses. Eligibility: Bellingham Technical College maintains an open door policy.

Please see full class waitlist information posted on the BTC web site under. Bellingham Technical College provides equal opportunity in education. The College complies with all. Quarterly grades for all graded programs and courses are available 3 working. Grades are withheld if all obligations to the College , financial or otherwise,.

This publication is available on the BTC. Official BTC Transcript A set of online tools located on the BTC website that assists students and. BTC is committed to providing support services and reasonable accommodations.

Students are required to complete a free application. Tutoring Services are offered quarterly at no cost to BTC students. A daily. Helps prepare low income students enter programs at Bellingham Technical. Please note location listed.

Course fees. Plan to take by the 8th month of pregnancy. Course fees are. The first year of life is an exciting time for baby and parents. This course is designed to offer. Plan to spend time with your one year old learning, discovering,. Spend time with your children enjoying a wide variety of multi-age activities. Positive discipline is an interactive class for parents who want more cooperative, respectful,.

Some available in the BTC bookstore. Classes also cover job search skills and strategies for increasing. This class meets all requirements for licensing by the State of Washington. State along with insight on recent vintages and several of the up-and-coming new varietals. This is the first of six classes being offered April 7 through June 9 that are based on kitchen.

In Kitchen Basics, we will cover. This is the sixth, and final class, of our Cooking Skills Series. In Practical Pastries, we will. The instructor will lead you through the steps to begin welding safely and successfully. This course covers basic Industrial Welding techniques and safety, from beginning competencies. Basic fabricating principles will cover lap, fillet, and butt weld joint set-up. Students provide. Caregivers that are not nursing assistants can also take this course for continuing.

This course will cover adult, child and infant basic life support skills using the. CPR text required; First-aid text included with. This six-hour basic life support for healthcare providers includes adult one- and two-rescuer. Practical skills are included with. Online courses give you more flexibility regarding when and where you study. Take courses and apply them to your. In this information-packed. Covers the accounting cycle through a study of sole proprietorship and the use of accounts,.

This course offers a study of computerized accounting systems in both service and merchandising. This course focuses on the application of the electronic calculator to business transactions. This course is designed to help students learn the key filing rules and best records management. Using MS Project you will be able to create a project plan file and enter task information,. A manual is included. Professional Certification exam.

Topics covered include the project life cycle, criteria for. In this touch typing course for beginners and those needing to brush up on their keyboarding. PC computer required for software. Software available for use in BTC. Software available for use in BTC library. Prerequisite: CAP or corequisite.

Ethics issues and career options for computer professionals will be explored through research. This course is designed for entry-level computer service technicians. The content parallels. Introduction to the fundamentals of good program design, coding, testing, and documentation. In this comprehensive course, students will receive hands-on instruction using the commands.

This course is one of the three courses that provide the essential coursework for the nationally. Required text is available in the BTC bookstore. Prerequisite: Currently working in an. This course assists instructor-learners. Topics explored include selfawareness,. Following a review of writing fundamentals,. Text required. Prerequisite: Accuplacer Reading Comprehension.

Critical readings of paragraphs and short essays are also part of the curriculum. Score of 86 or higher on Sentence Skills and 85 or higher on Reading. Prerequisite: Accuplacer. This course serves as a prerequisite to intermediate algebra or as a refresher for. College level coverage of practical applications. Topics will include probability, statistics,. The focus of this course will be functions. Students manipulate and graph linear, polynomial,.

Polar coordinates. Areas of study include classification of microbes, life cycle, metabolim, control,. This course introduces the major concepts and definitions of the science of sociology. This course has been designed based on research that indicates a strong correlation between. The history of dental assisting, progress of dentistry, and concepts of dental. Introduction to the effects of system diseases on the human body. Course includes discussions.

In addition to computerized. This course will introduce students to the various forms of medications, drug classifications,. Students will learn efficient use of a spreadsheet in order to create. Included are discussions. Clinical uniform required prior to the first clinical day. Face mask available in bookstore. In this course participants will learn about the daily operations of a fitness facility. This course is intended to. This course prepares students for entry into English Recommended concurrent.

This course helps students develop English reading skills including comprehension, vocabulary. Basic computer use is required. This course is designed for adults who have little or no proficiency in the English language. This course is designed for adults who can meet basic survival and social needs, understand.

This ESL level course focuses on oral communication in situations related to first aid,. Emphasis is placed on. GED test taking skills, reasoning skills and critical thinking skills. This course utilizes the. Note: The. You must submit a written cancellation. Four or five appointments are usually. Instructional sites are easily accessible to students using wheelchairs or crutches. Building M and Fisheries Technology are not barrier-free.

Disabled students who wish to. Student Orientation New Student Orientation Department of Education. Apply Now! Flexible Schedule. Excellent Benefits. The Assessment Center is temporarily located in MC For a list of programs with additional requirements, see our website at, www. Submit all admissions requirements for placement on a program ready wait list. Be aware of the deadlines for awarding. We have gone green! See our website www. Check your status and awards on the Financial Aid Portal at: www.

Registration by phone or fax is available as an alternative. Running Start students register in person. Our primary method of contacting program students is via BTC student email accounts. Online Registration tools are accessible on the BTC website: www. For assistance, come to registration in College Services, email registration btc. Pay online at www. This is your REAL first day of class!

Textbook lists can be found at the bookstore or at www. March 14 Practical Nursing Pinning Ceremony March 19 Winter Quarter ends March 29 Spring Break April 26 Linuxfest Northwest May 14 Welding Rodeo May 24 Memorial Day Holiday June 4 Summer Quarter General Registration begins am June 20 Spring Quarter Ends Wednesdays pm - pm Call for information and to sign up.

Counseling: Counselors are available by appointment and on a drop-in basis to assist with educational and occupational planning, community referrals, and academic and personal support. Call Disability Support Services: Persons with a disability that might need to be accommodated are encouraged to meet with the Disability Support Services coordinator. Get Ready!

Orientation with their first quarter of classes. Call Admissions Practical Nursing Information: Sessions offered several times a month. Call to sign up Every other Wednesday at am DSS Info Sessions are designed to provide information for current and prospective students regarding the submission of documentation, registration, and the accommodation process in order to secure DSS services.

Family and community advocates, as well as BTC faculty and stafm are welcome to attend. Sign-up required. These programs have openings for Spring and Fall ! BTC offers hand-on, high-tech skills training that employers want. STEP 1. STEP 2.

STEP 3. Check your status at the Portal: www. Processing will not continue until all requested elements are met. STEP 4. Review process may take 6 to 8 weeks. STEP 5. Awarding The awarding phase takes approximately weeks. You will receive an email when you are awarded keep your BTC email current with financial aid. Go to the Portal to see your financial aid awards. If you want loans, complete the entrance counseling and MPN at www. Loan funds will not be available until 30 days after the start of classes for the first quarter for new BTC students.

STEP 6. Any awards remaining after tuition and fees are paid will be released to the student after the quarter has begun. Students will not be paid for credits outside of their program. For more information: mybtccard. In Person Complete Registration Form. Payment is due at the time of registration.

See Running Start information in the right column. You must have complete credit card and registration information ready at the time of the call. Please call and your registration will be processed. Confirmation will be sent upon request. You are considered registered at time of call and will be notified of any changes. Mail Mail completed registration form and payment in the form of check or money order made payable to BTC , or complete credit card information, to BTC Business Office.

Do not send currency. You are automatically registered unless notified. For registration confirmation, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope, and we will mail your receipt. Fax Complete Registration Form. Complete credit card information is required; photocopy registration form to ensure a legible copy. The BTC fax number is Locate the online class you want to take this quarterly schedule. All online classes in this schedule are identified with a : symbol. Register for your online class through the BTC website or in person.

If you need assistance after registering, there will be help in the BTC library the first 2 weeks of each quarter check www. Books can purchased online or through the BTC bookstore. Buying your Books at the BTc Bookstore?

Class required text lists are found at the bookstore or at www. In training students, Bellingham Technical College stresses equally the development of technical skill, communication and interpersonal skills, positive work habits, and attitudes that are required for employment. Eligibility: Bellingham Technical College maintains an open door policy for all students who desire training and who have a high school diploma, GED, or demonstrate the ability to benefit.

Some programs require a high school diploma or GED and may have other program requirements that must be met prior to admission. Currently enrolled high school students may attend Bellingham Technical College Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters and obtain high school credit for course work completed under the Running Start Program. See Running Start Program description below. Running Start: Running Start is a statewide program that allows qualified high school juniors and seniors to receive a maximum of 15 college credits per quarter tuition free while completing high school.

Students are enrolled simultaneously in high school and college classes or just college classes and are awarded dual credits by their high school and college. There is no application fee or tuition required for Running Start allowed credits, but students must pay class and program fees by the quarter due date.

See Running Start information and changes online at : www. Satisfactory progress is defined as maintaining a minimum 2. These requirements will be published and made available to students upon enrollment. Attendance: BTC requires regular attendance. Failure to attend or contact your instructor by the 2nd day of class may result in being dropped without notice.

Disciplinary action may be taken for a violation of any provision of the student code, for violation of other college rules, or for other types of misconduct defined in the Campus Code of Conduct. Enrollment in the college carries with it the requirement that the student will conduct himself or herself as a responsible member of the community.

This includes an expectation that the student will obey appropriate laws, will comply with the rules of the college and its departments, and will maintain a high standard of integrity and honesty. Sanctions for violations of college rules or conduct that interferes with the operation of college affairs will be dealt with by the college, and the college may impose sanctions independently of any action taken by civil or criminal authorities.

In the case of minors, misconduct may be referred to parent or legal guardians. Refund deadlines may differ for classes with different start dates, including Washington Online classes and classes which start mid-quarter. After that time, an Official Withdrawal is required. The refund will be calculated based on the date the form is submitted rather than the last day of attendance. No refund of tuition and fees will be made beyond the current quarter.

The College may drop students in courses who fail to pay at the time of registration or by the tuition and fee payment due date. Contact the Financial Resources Office at Circumstances warranting an exception are medical reasons or for those called into military service of the United States. Refunds for payments made by credit card will be processed back to the credit card in 2 business days.

Outstanding debts to the college will be deducted from refunds. If you have not paid in full, you may still owe a balance if you withdraw from your class during a partial refund period. Refunds will not be granted if you are registered into a class from a class waitlist and do not drop the class.

Equal Opportunity College Bellingham Technical College provides equal opportunity in education and employment and does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, creed, color, sex, national origin, age, marital status, religious preference, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, reliance on public assistance, sexual orientation, status as a disabled person or Vietnam-era veteran, or political opinions or affiliations.

Grades Credit courses will be graded and transcripted. Student records for nongraded courses will not be maintained. Audit is used for courses only and must be requested prior to the end of the second class session. The grade is not used for programs, nor will it meet any requirements for degrees or certificates. No credit or letter grade will be awarded for Audit classes. Full tuition and fees apply. Quarterly grades for all graded programs and courses are available 3 working days following the end of the quarter through the College website, www.

Grades are withheld if all obligations to the College , financial or otherwise, are not fully satisfied. Transcript instructions and request form are available online www. Unofficial transcripts are available online at no charge. BTC participates in www. To withhold disclosure, written notification must be received in the office of the Director of Registration and Enrollment at BTC by the end of the first week of enrollment each academic quarter. In compliance with the Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act of , Bellingham Technical College publishes an annual campus security report containing crime statistics.

The quarterly cost is listed next to each program or course in this publication. State Support of Higher Education Students The following table indicates state support by tuition category for students attending community colleges and technical colleges for academic year — Advising hours are posted on the web at www. Call to sign up.

Note: Textbook lists can be found at the bookstore or at www. Please check the website for current information. Prospective students can also arrange testing and tours of the campus by appointment. Contact assessment btc.

Disability Support Services BTC is committed to providing support services and reasonable accommodations for the success of students with disabilities needing such assistance. To request services, call Disability Support Services at Accommodations may require up to six weeks. Diversity Support Services Consistent with the College Mission, Diversity Student Services has the mission to provide and promote an environment for a diverse population, that is safe, accessible, and conducive to learning and that freely allows students to pursue and achieve their academic and occupational endeavors.

Students are required to complete a free application for Federal Student Aid FAFSA , in addition to the college application, to determine eligibility for financial aid. For information, contact the Financial Resources Office at For additional funding options see Workforce Funding on the next page. Contact the library at or library btc. For an appointment, contact Health program students, please contact admissions at for current status information.

Contact Funding is provided by a variety of groups. A daily drop-in schedule is posted on the web www. If students need assistance in a subject that is not listed, a request can be made by contacting the Tutoring Center. To get started, complete a Request Form either by visiting the Tutoring Center in A-8 or by logging on to www. The Tutoring Center can be reached by phone at It is never too early to get assistance! Official meetings on 2nd Thursday of the month from - am, Building J, classroom 4.

For more info contact: Shanni Welsh at or Malcolm Oliver at The program may be able to provide financial assistance for tuition, fees, and book costs. Unemployed workers in a variety of situations may qualify for and benefit from retraining. Attend walk-in advising to see if you are eligible! Also contact the Workforce Funding Office at the college. Contact the Workforce Funding Office staff.

Please note location listed below Item of each course. Childbirth and Parenting ChFM This traditional course covers late pregnancy, the process of labor and birth, labor coping skills with many in-class practice sessions , newborn care and breastfeeding, postpartum, and early parenting.

Weekly classes help connect families with peers and build support networks. Plan to start during the sixth month of pregnancy. First Steps waivers do not cover this course fee. Postpartum topics covered include newborn care and breastfeeding, parenting adjustments and resources. Plan to start in your sixth month of pregnancy.

Course fees are waived upon presentation of First Steps card and submission of Childbirth waiver form. Course fees are waived upon presentation of First Steps card and submission of Childbirth waiver form.. Note: Class meets in the St. Joseph Hospital conference rooms near the cafeteria not in the Childbirth Center.

Class times are Saturday ampm and Sunday pm- pm. Using techniques like visualization, guided imagery, and special breathing patterns, women learn to remain in control and aware while deeply relaxed; they learn to eliminate fears and to build trust in their inherent ability to give birth. Limited information on breastfeeding and newborns will be included.

Required handbook and CD are included in the class fee. First Steps waivers do not cover this self-support course fee. This course is designed to offer current information, support, and encouragement during these early months of parenthood and to provide an opportunity to meet and share with other parents of young babies. Topics of discussion include child development, toy selection, sleep patterns, games and songs, and strategies for adjusting to the new role of parent.

Babies remain with their parents during class. Share the challenges of this age with other parents, make new friends, and learn current parenting guidelines while your active baby explores the stimulating and safe environment in the classroom. Topics for discussion include weaning, discipline, emerging language, health and illness, and safety. Babies remain with parents during the eight sessions. Developmentally appropriate activities are planned for parents and the children to do together in class.

Time is built into each course so parents have an opportunity to share ideas, questions, problems, and joys with other parents as well as learn from parenting educators. These courses are primarily designed for one parent, one child except for the specifically designed sibling classes. Classes fill quickly. Register early! Plan to spend time with your one year old learning, discovering, and playing as well as separating for parent discussion on topics related to the challenge of this age.

You will have an opportunity to learn and play together as well as participate in discussions with other parents of twos. Find the waiver form online at www. Are you wondering how to find time for each family member? Answer these questions and others during adult discussion time. This is an opportunity to join other families for play and talk about the adventure of parenting more than one.

Class appropriate for parents with one or more children ages birth to 5 years. This course will provide a practical approach to improving parentchild relations for parents of children ages years. Participants will learn more effective ways to relate to their child, methods of discipline that develop responsibility, how not to reinforce unacceptable behaviors, and how to encourage cooperative behaviors.

Participants may also participate in an online discussion board. In class you will explore ways to: discipline teach with kindness and firmness at the same time, help children achieve self-discipline and problem solving skills, create an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect in your home, and reduce power struggles. Discussions will provide parents with skills to develop a loving relationship while setting limits and boundaries.

Learn to parent with empathy and logical consequences, and your children will learn to accept responsibility for their actions. Following the session, participants will have the option to participate in an online discussion board. Find the application online at www. Students learn about common bar equipment, customer service, mixing and serving drinks, responsible bartending, and helping your guests have a great time.

Classes also cover job search skills and strategies for increasing customer satisfaction and tips! Must be 21 to enroll. Text recommended. No prior experience is required. Students must be 21 or older for a Permit 12, and 18 - 21 for a Permit Must be 18 to attend.

Ever wonder what E. Dan will talk about the rapid growth of the wine industry in Washington State along with insight on recent vintages and several of the up-and-coming new varietals. Prepare for some stunning wines to be served with exceptional cuisine! Anyone can make a great tasting beer in their own kitchen…experience how! Learn the ins-andouts of homebrewing in this class, taught by Anthony Stone, moving through the basics with a demonstration extract brew stopping along the way to hear and talk about the various ingredients malt, hops and yeast which are used to make different styles of beer.

Tap into the basics of extract brewing from brewing to bottling, to good sanitation and recordkeeping. Think again! This incredibly versatile grape is made in a variety of styles - dry, off-dry, and late harvest. You can take all of them or just the ones you want…a previous class is not a pre-requisite for another class in this series. In Kitchen Basics, we will cover setting up a kitchen to be both functional and fun to work in plus what to look for when purchasing fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, and dairy along with how-to read and understand recipes; purchase pots, pans and utensils; and knife cutting skills.

In Cooking Basics 3, we will cover the basic preparation skills and proper methods for cooking chicken, lamb, beef, and veal; cuts of meat; and the pairing of these different meats with side dishes and sauces. In Baking Basics, we will cover the basic preparation skills and cooking techniques for pie shells pie crust, double pie crusts, lattice top, and fruit fillings , cake bases, buttercream icing butter or shortening , quick breads, muffins, biscuits, scones, and yeast breads.

In Practical Pastries, we will cover pate choux cream puff dough , sponge cake and jelly rolls, custards and cream fillings, meringues, ice cream, and basic chocolate technique chocolate vs cocoa. All equipment will be provided and you will take home your own finished cake masterpiece! In this hands-on class, you will create and work with rolled fondant to cover cakes. Join us in discovering the secrets of these tasty, downsized treats by attending our Creative Cupcakes class where you will see demonstrations of cupcake recipes, fillings and buttercreams; and then have a hands-on learning experience decorating cupcake creations through the use of several simple, yet creative, techniques and designs.

Bring new excitement to your springtime events. Learn the ins-andouts of simple mixes and experience a flaky, galette pie crust filled with fruits of the season; knead and shape tender, cream biscuits; and prepare maple pecan scones with crunchy topping. Explore all of your options to finance your education. Learn more at the Paying For College page. Kearie Pulliam Digital Marketing Program. Let's get started. What are you interested in? Foundation Scholarships Apply today! One step at a time.

Step 1: Before You Apply. Step 2: How To Apply. Step 3: Paying For College. Get Your Custom Training On. Explore how Blackhawk Technical College can provide cost-effective training solutions for your company. Get Custom Training Info. Read more. Blackhawk Technical College is one step closer to expanding its undergraduate program offerings after receiving

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