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Visiontek r9 290x hashrate bitcoins

visiontek r9 290x hashrate bitcoins

Hybrid Gaming HTPC and Mini Bitcoin/Litecoin Miner VIDEO CARD MODEL NUMBER kH/s R9 X, R9 X, BF4SR, , , VisionTek 1GB, Right now, Litecoin is second only to Bitcoin and actually growing If you can get your hands on a VisionTek CryoVenom R9 that would. The Hashrate is, again, in Hashes per second. 4 X MSI R9 , 2 GB DDR5, , CLAYMORE CRYPTONOTE GPU MINER BETA, WINDOWS 10 x BITCOIN MINING PROFITABILITY 2019

Another very important thing regarding the use of AMD Radeon R9 video cards for crypto mining is that these video cards do not feature any analog video outputs, so if you plan on using the mining rig without a monitor connected to a card, then you might have trouble.

This is the recommend solution that can save you some trouble in making the mining rig function properly or if you want to control it remotely with TeamViewer for example. Home Contact us. Full Posts Comments. Search for:. Read More No Comments. They have an easy to use Monero mining Pool. This is because GPUs are designed to concurrently perform hashing functions, where CPU mining hardware performs hashing functions consecutively.

So, there should be no surprise to find much higher Hashrates in the GPU mining hardware table. The table is sortable by clicking the column headers, searchable by typing into the search bar on the right and has a lot of data. So, before you run out and buy a Monero GPU, make sure that it will meet the specs you need. This guide to Monero GPU Mining Hardware should help you determine if the hardware you have, or the mining hardware you are looking to get is feasible or not.

Remember, this info is only applicable to Monero and CryptoNight V7 coins and should not be used for any other cryptocurrency to determine mining profitability. Mine Monero Now What is Monero? Join more than others to receive the breaking news and weekly summaries! No ICO spam, we promise. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. By Gene. Jul 11, EXE 2. About the Author Latest Posts.

Visiontek r9 290x hashrate bitcoins adrian lungan mining bitcoins


Otherwise I want to look into building a bioinformatics data engine with it so either way it should be an interesting diversion. The ASICs are a boon only for those that build and sell them. I am assuming many of the early systems were kept in house and used for mining coins burn in testing? Many of the companies appear to be scam artists which isn't too surprising given the amount of money involved with these alternative currencies. It is like the old gold rush days and brings out all the con artists, thieves, and reprobates.

Caveat Emptor is the rule of the day so I believe that it is best to build your own and hoe for the best. I mined for 2 weeks and "got" 0. It sold in minutes so I probably could have gotten more but really I don't want to cheat anyone so it was a fair price in my opinion. The buyer will soon learn he will never recover his investment unless bitcoins go up a lot higher in price.

Unfortunately Litecoins are married to Bitcoins so will also collapse but we need to recognize that this is typical for any economic bubble and hang tough. I saw a blog while researching this and a guy was chad a good mining rig set up and was mining Litecoins like mad. So, this is a long term game just like the stock market or Forex which rewards patience. I suppose the real question is whether to convert Litecoins into Bitcoins and hold them.

Bitcoins have more volatility and at least initially will be the most likely to become functional as a currency without need for conversion to traditional currencies like dollars or euros. Or maybe it is just better to hold them as Litecoins with the ultimate goal of increased relative value of Litecoins.

Philosophically I am certain both will escalate in value over time. My woman satisfaction factor has a high difficulty and it was tough to talk her into the BFL and then the 1 year delay I got a lot of heat. She was very happy when I sold it. She was also pissed at me for not buying bitcoins back in the early days when I first started looking into them.

In the mean time I will mine as earnestly as possible. Not sure how she will take me spending the proceeds form the sale to build a litecoin mining rig. She is a heavy Day Trader so well versed in the market and finances which makes this even more difficult.

But, the long term goal is to build wealth or in my case just having fun with a bonus. That is the better way to look at it anyway then if you lose your shirt you at least learned a lot in the process. I too think that mining and holding Litecoins is a good strategy for wealth investment. Great guide! So it seems reducing voltage to lower temperature is crucial for getting high hash rates. However, I have never done it myself and was wondering what program you can use to undervolt x.

Also, I read that only Asus x are not voltage locked. Is this true? If so, how do you undervolt, say sapphire or MSI x? Neither will work on voltages with every card, but usually one of those will work. If not, I'll dig around and see if I can find suggestions for other utilities that allow voltage adjustment -- and there's always VBIOS modding if you're willing to go that route.

Jared I'm running 4 of the r9 x cards this is my first mining rig. I can get 1 card running smoothly at about khs but once i start plugging in 2 or more cards the machine goes about minutes then crashes. I notice that with just 1 card running my rig is completely unusable and lagging. However it does not crash. Any suggestions? The GPU is using all of its resources for mining and simply doesn't update the screen as often. My question is - Would I be able to take that set up and just swap out the s for x's?

Otherwise, you should be okay. Hey there. Just got my R9 last night and I'm having some trouble getting it going. I'm using it in the same PC as my that I plan to use for gaming and browsing, so I'm trying to set my config file to only run the , in slot 2. Can anyone help me out? I'll post my config setup below. A new problem has risen though that maybe someone here can assist with. When you start cgminer, use "cgminer.

Thank you very much for answer. If you have the space for it, yes -- W should be sufficient for five GPUs. Thank you for this information. I'd been using GUIMiner with scrypt for a bit, but I didn't like the lack of options in the interface, and generally like to get into the slightly more technical details myself.

This article helped me immensely. Newb question here I am quite new to mining, and I recently got my rig running with a single Radeon R9 I tried using the above config file in your post, however I cannot get it to run with a thread-concurrency any higher than 10, or so. Any tips for getting past this barrier, or are there any settings I may have missed prior to using your config? That aside, thank you for the awesome post. Thank you for the reply I'm running Xubuntu So I used a. It wont seem to execute properly with -w and -n 1 in the.

Is -w just worksize and do I need the -w and -n1 for this to work properly? Hi Henry, I had issues with getting decent hash rates on Linux with cards, so I'm not much help there. Some people it seems to work fine, others not so much. It's possible one of those settings is holding you back, or it might be something with Linux drivers.

I'll do some research and see what works. Thank you for your help! If you find settings that work in the expected range on Linux, let me know! Every time I launch cgminer I get a command window that is blank, just a blinking cursor. I have the I can install my HD, the Those drivers do not work for the though and I am back to where I am now. I have a system with a couple cards and a and it didn't really like having the extra GPU.

Another system has with and likewise doesn't really seem to like the non-matching GPUs. My first suggestion would be to remove the and see if you can get things working. Still no luck? Uninstall all the drivers and download and run Driver Fusion and use that to clean out any remnants of the AMD drivers, then reboot, then try again with the latest drivers.

Hi Jarred, It is very cool to read your experience. But I have faced the situation I belived no one has before. I guess you know the question. How could I do that? Now it seems the two cards worked together for displaying. Also the cgminer only can use GTX for mining. I don't understand why it cannot recognize R9 x. I am using CG 3. I have tried Reaper for mining too, setup it using device 0 and device 1, but it can only recognize GTX, but x.

As we know, GUIMiner is not stable. But I believe this is the way to figure out how to run R9 x in CGminer. What I do with situations like that is open the console in GUIminer and find the exact command it issues. Then try copying that and running it on your own in the CGminer directory.

From there you can usually tweak it to make it work. Hi, thanks for your great blog about mining! Energy cost is not an issue. I purchased a watt power supply back when I was expecting to put 3x cards in my rig but I ended up having to get 2x MSI R9 cards.

Do you think that a watt power supply can support these two R9 cards? I just put in an order for a gaming rig with two liquid cooled R9 X's with a Watt power supply. Will I be wasting energy with this power supply or save energy due to its platinum efficency?

I went overkill on motherboard and memory. Wish I found your blog first. Thanks for your time. Yes, you could have bought a less expensive W PSU and still gotten pretty close, but long-term it's not a huge issue. And since you wanted a gaming rig first and Litecoin is only a side benefit, you're better off -- you don't have to cry if LTC prices tank like they're doing right now!

I figure it out. Only add "gpu-platform" : "1" is simply done. For R9 x this performance is really unacceptable. Have you checked in the Catalyst Control Center to enable Ultra mode? That should give a big boost to performance, as it allows the fan to run at higher speeds and thus cool better. I cannot find it in CCC. My version is What is your verison of drivers and Catalyst Control Center?

Hey Jarred, I can't get higher Thread-Concorrenty then I did the setx commands. Have the newest driver and sdk. What can i do? How are you launching cgminer? Hey Jarred, Still the same error my sys is using 51xxxx mem and in the cgminer config is 10xxxxx mem. Decrease TC or increase LG. Got the same card and 6GB of ram. I did set my TC on btw : No clue why i cant get my TC higher, installed all drivers what are foundable apart.

Installed SDK and reinstalled it. Tried it without SDK. Tried it local and remote. Thanks Blade, as u can see in this blog i allready did the commands. Not working for me. Can't get thread concurrency greater than 12k.

Going higher gives "error enqueueing kernel onto command queue. I am unable to read the voltage of my with afterburner? Which GPU are you using, Sklz? MSI Afterburner also has some options to unlock voltage control in the advanced settings, which might help? Problem with GPU-Z is it only allows monitoring and not the ability to change settings. Hey Jarod!

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.. Is w ok for a 3x build? Parts on the way.. Hey Jarod, Thank you so much for all the information. Do you have any idea how I can make a good expectation of the increase of mining difficulty? Right now, the difficulty has increased in 1 month. Can we expect this to go faster and that in one month the difficulty will be around or isnt it go so fast?

I am curious how you think about it. Greets, Steven. I ment that the difficulty has doubled in the last month: from to Difficulty generally follows price, but it lags somewhat. We'll likely stabilize in the region of difficulty at the current prices is my bet, so I'd be down to 1. If the price drops, we'll see difficulty stabilize lower.

Yeah, the interesting thing I've noticed in the last few weeks is an extreme shortage of any of the AMD video cards suitable for mining. They haven't been able to get a single R9 series card in stock at all yet. It may be the first time I've ever seen a computer peripheral like this increase in value over time instead of depreciate! I start out back in July building a small LTC mining rig with a pair of cards and a watt power supply.

I considered holding them all vs. I figured that should factor into any equation of profits one could see by holding the LTC. When I finally broke even on the gear probably only a month or so ago , I expanded things with a second machine with a third card in it. Unfortunately, I saw difficulty levels rise almost immediately after that was up and running, which negated any real improvement in mining speed I hoped to get with it.

I added a fourth card R9 X now, and difficulty levels again rose to where with all 4 cards running, I see a little less than 1LTC per day -- a worse rate of return than I had with just the 2 cards starting out. There's definitely an addictive aspect to all of this that tempts me to add more cards, more motherboards, more power supplies But stepping back from all of that a bit?

I think I'm going to stop, and try a different angle. I'm going to mine for a little while with what I've got now, at least until it looks like it repaid for the latest hardware I added. Then I'll profit by selling the cards themselves! I can start over from there, only buying another card when I can get it at a really good price. I think it might be more profitable to buy new cards, mine with them until they're paid off, and flip them for a profit, than just trying to get pure LTC profit!

You're probably missing a comma at the end of one of the lines. Any advice? Is the Ultra performance enabled on the GPU in the drivers? Other than that, try bumping up clock speeds a bit on the engine I finally found the Ultra performance switch. But stil nothing. Hi Jarred, Thanks for the blog, very informative.

Powered or non? Any room for improvement? You'll need three x16 to x16 risers and at least one powered x1 to x If you're doing Linux, perhaps it's not as critical -- I haven't played around with that much. Everything else looks good to go. Hey Jarred, thank you very much for this blog! I have a question.. What OS are you running? You might also try removing all AMD drivers, reboot, run Driver Fusion, reboot again, then install the latest drivers -- sometimes OpenCL gets messed up.

Also make sure you delete all bin files in the cgminer folder -- you might have an old file sitting around causing problems. Hi Jarred, Thanks for posting your config for the cards. This is what it looks like after a couple of hours mining I got 3 cards : cgminer version 3. Also my cards never get above Best Regards, Rene.

Thanks for sharing your settings. Hi Jarred, Thanks for all this info. Quick question. I got 4 Gygabite x coming. Do you think that'd be enough? Thanks again! Jarred - I have a watt seasonic PSU and it will not run 3 of the R9 x cards - I am pretty sure that with each card pulling about w that it would take w to run 3 of the x cards.

I think should be enough. Will let you guys know if there's any issues Bitcoin is here to stay. If you want to know where you can pay with bitcoins, feel free to visit one of the directory websites. One of them, who-accepts-bitcoins.

Hey Jarred. Ive built 4 miners so far with the specs here. I did notice that when I dont have the dummy plug in that I get dead miner. I am using cgminer too, not guiminer. I just got one of my rp s in and tried to just connect the one running with your settings above. I installed the driver and the card recognizes no problem as a in the control panel but I still get dead miner. I was assuming tha tit was because my dummy plugs dont fit due to 2 slots on the output on the card that are there with the s but are closed not there on the r9 There are 2 prongs on the dummy plug that have no where to go and therefore the plug wont fit in the r9 Outside of drilling a hole in the plug, do you know of any idea of a solution to this?

Thank you so much. Are you running the R9 by itself or with other GPUs? I've had issues mixing and matching, so maybe try getting it running alone and then see if you can get it working with the s. If that's the case, CGWatcher will help as an interim workaround.

Post system specs please -- might need to tweak the Overdrive section of your GPU though. If you want me to try looking at it remotely, let me know via email. I'll shoot you an email if you're willing to help! Sure I can see if I can help -- though the batch files I've posted may be a better place to start. Sorry for the newb question, how do you undervolt a R9 card?

I keep reading that will lower the temperature. Any inputs will be much appreciated! Power limit at 30 Core at Memory at Is this R9 X? Basically, see if you can reduce the voltage and potentially increase the core clocks. If the card gets too hot, AMD's drivers will reduce clock speeds to compensate, which will of course reduce hash rate. On cgminer with zour settings mz PC just keeps crashing. Trouble is, that I managed to put only 2 cards in my MoBo.

The risers that I got don't work. I tried the jumper cable for presence detection pins, no luck either. I'm stuck with 2 miners running 2 cards each and 4 spare x's. Has anyone found any risers that actually work? What risers did you buy link?

Unless they're somehow PCIe 2. The risers I bought work fine, but they're currently out of stock. These say PCIe 3. Oh yes, And I replaced all coolers with Gelid Icy something rev. How loud are the Gelid Icy Cool fans compared to the stock fans? And what were your temperatures before you replaced the stock with Gelid cooler. Where did you purchase it from and how difficult was it to install, I am seriously considering getting these as my system is running super hot :.

Also, where to buy PCI risers from shipping to Canada. Anyone watercool their R9 's? The risers will help keep things closer to C in my experience. Can you give some advice on R9 x configurations? I've been testing several configs but the GPU runs too hot. You'll want to reduce voltage most likely. I've seen some cards that default to 1.

Just started mining with a new R9 but if i set the Intensity anything over 12 i start to get a lot of HW errors. Is it just a single R9 ? If so, I know some cards dislike certain intensities, so maybe try more than just 13, 14 -- like 17, 18, 19, etc.

What other hardware are you using? I wonder if it's lack of RAM? E is pretty old as well PCIe 1. Has anyone seen this problem? Usually that means you've pushed things just a bit too far and the GPU is a bit unstable, so when you exit and CGMiner tries to clean up it pushes it over the edge and crashes. What sort of temperatures are you getting, what voltage, and what clocks?

Probably back off a bit on voltage or clocks to reduce temps and you should be okay. Or if it's not that, it could be some other driver issue. I'm trying really conservative settings: --shaders --gpu-engine --gpu-memclock --intensity 13 --thread-concurrency I've tried another card to test my system. Mining was fine with the What sort of temperatures are you seeing? What is the fan speed set to? Sometimes the clocks passed by cgminer are ignored by the GPU, but even so stock clocks should run okay.

What version of CGMiner are you running, and which drivers? Cgminer: 3. Temp are barely over 60 when the BSOD happens. Okay, so it's apparently not temps or clocks, which means it must be drivers of some form. Is this a new PC or one you've had a while? Have you installed all the chipset drivers and other drivers? What if you drop the "shaders" setting with CGMiner -- does the crash still happen? What about if you just run "cgminer. I helped a couple other people that are having this same problem.

I'm still trying to figure out the root cause. Both were running headless setups, but I don't think that's the issue. Might need to try an earlier driver or version of CGMiner. I'm getting the same error R9 x every time. I've seen other people complaining about it on forums and in comments, here. I need to manually kill cgminer if I want to experiment with it, otherwise it would drive me mad to wait for computer restart every time I'm looking for a solution today I found the cause.

At least in my instance. If you've used it before and it's already in your PATH, remove it and finally enjoy. I am a total newbie with mining litecoins, I have read most articles on your blog and have found it very helpful! Thank you! I just got myself three sapphire r9 x gpu's with asrock extreme 3 mono and sempron processor. My question is, will this set work with the corsair rm watt power supply, or should I get one with larger capacity?

I'd recommend W just to be safe. Thanks for a reply. I have received all of the staff today three sapphire r9 x, asrock extreme3, sempron , connected it to my w ps. I run the rig with hash rates each card are all around 73 degrees. It works for about 10 minutes and then the screen goes black and computer restarts.

After the restart windows says that it had a "BlueScreen error". I have disconnected one card, and the issue repeated again with just two cards plugged in. Even when I override the security check, I get the error message. However, the same is true with the original BIOS, — some issues with hive os?

Did you have similar Problems? I am on the newest hive os version. Will give it a try, thanks. If it works under Windows, I will be very happy. Will let you know guys if it worked. I tried editing my rom on asus srtix but it never work it seem like the size of the bios is too big and any program can support it I would like to know what is the amd flasher you used on windows and wich editor, also do you think i could directly flash your bios on my model because they have same memory.

It work now i am getting 29 MHS at watt the problem is that I was using the amd vb flash 2. Hey guys! Now, my question is: Is 71celsius temperature and 60 fan speed okay? Also, it says w power consumption, is that too much or should I flash the BIOS and try to reduce power consumption? But, you could modify your own with Hawaii Bios Reader. Chris M He must be using liquid metal to achieve those temp, I would not see otherwise how this is possible. I think everyone would appreciate it.

The Hatchdog script executor thread is exiting. Your email address will not be published. Home Contact us. Full Posts Comments. Search for:. Curious, is this the 2gb versions? Ricardo February 8th, at Hey, could you make an article on how to do the whole process on Ubuntu Pablo February 20th, at Buenas tardes, muy interesante la nota, estoy pro armar un rig inical pincipiante con una o 2 r9 Vaporx 4gb.

Gracias y Saludos. Pablo February 20th, at Good afternoon, very interesting note, I am pro building an initial rig beginner with one or 2 r9 Vaporx 4gb. Thanks and regards. Keith March 22nd, at Good Day Mate, can you provided your modded bios? Michael April 1st, at Thank you. Michael April 1st, at Even when I override the security check, I get the error message. Michael April 1st, at Will give it a try, thanks. David April 4th, at I tried editing my rom on asus srtix but it never work it seem like the size of the bios is too big and any program can support it I would like to know what is the amd flasher you used on windows and wich editor, also do you think i could directly flash your bios on my model because they have same memory.

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