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Bitcoin logo download

bitcoin logo download

Logowik is largest logo vector download site. All logos work with EPS, AI, PDF, CDR, PNG, SVG, JPG. No account and unlimited downloads for free. Browse incredible Bitcoin Logo vectors, icons, clipart graphics, and backgrounds for royalty-free download from the creative contributors at Vecteezy! High quality raster .PNG) and vector .SVG) logo files for Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency. Free download. CRYPTO MARKET COLLAPSE Bitcoin logo download ethereum loading issue

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Bitcoin logo download Bitcoin is a worldwide cryptocurrency and digital payment system called the first decentralized digital currency, since the system works without a central repository or single administrator. The download is not working. Copy this link in your website:. We are sorry you canceled your Premium subscription You can still enjoy Flaticon Collections continue reading the following limits: You can choose only 3 collections to keep You can only add bitcoin logo to icons per collection You download add Premium icons to your collection. In this gallery "Bitcoin" we have 49 free PNG images with transparent background. Copy this link in your website: Copy Copied! You can only save 3 new edited icons per collection as a free user.
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The system is peer-to-peer, and transactions take place between users directly, without an intermediary. These transactions are verified by network nodes and recorded in a public distributed ledger called a blockchain. Besides being created as a reward for mining, bitcoin can be exchanged for other currencies, products, and services. As of February , over , merchants and vendors accepted bitcoin as payment. Bitcoin can also be held as an investment. According to research produced by Cambridge University in , there are 2.

Clean icon for blockchain software. I created a mantis in line art style with a dimensional shadow, that secondarily takes the shape of an abstracted M. Clean, contemporary and memorable. SHLEN is a soon-to-be-launched exchange for cryptocurrencies. It takes its name from shilling, the unit of currency formerly used in Austria, Britain, and British Commonwealth countries.

The word derives from a Germanic root, meaning to split or divide. The client was seeking a dimensional, line art-based mark. I wanted to play both on abstract forms of S, and X, for exchange. The mark is divided, to give a nod to the original root meaning of the word shilling. A lifetime warranty that includes minor revisions is also included! Cryptocurrency logo design with a subtle illustration of 3 coins stacking over each other that also give the design a sense of motion. Fun logo concept combining a bitcoin, a rocket, and a moon.

Logo for a "Cool Bank". Design a logo which is eye catching and memorable for a "cool" bank. Cryptocurrency Trading Logo. Logo for a new crypto venture capital fund. Byzantine Partners is a new venture capital fund and advisory firm focused on cryptocurrency investments such as bitcoin. This logo is tightly related to the story of the rai stones. The stone tokens of Yap island were just the physical manifestation of the monetary system; without the oral history of their ownership, they were just worthless pieces of rock.

Bold sleek logo fot Crypto Currency. Deck building game themed around Bitcoin mining and black hat hackers. This awesome looking guy is in love with bitcoins. This mascot represents the name in best way. The idea was to create cute and playful mascot and to relate it with bitcoin. Logo for Bitcoin e-gambling company. Consept to Bit Coin. Geometric Logo for Crypto Investment Company. The logo mark is an abstract moon. I applied diagonal lines on it to depict growth as the word growth is very common and important in your field of industry, investment.

Crypto Investor Logo Design. Global Bitcoin project needs a new logo. Design submission features a blowfish mouth replacing the 'o' in Blowfish. I just watched this blind contest, and try to contribute in. Idea come from the brief attachment. Frog mascot is a brand new original, I just working a day for create this and make some tweak and color.

Eshop for crypto enthusiasts. They focus on high quality products and unique designs. All the designs are provided on demand by artists. Their goal is to provide original design on quality clothes to crypto enthusiasts.

They only accept Bitcoin as payment method to encourage adoption. The clients wants a mascot logo with a cyberpunk monkey. I have incorporated Mouse reference to "Digital" and Wallet Button. Creative and Simple easy to recognize logo. Lofo for bitcoin mining pool website.

Logo for a cryptocurrency company. TokensGate is a Cryptocurrency Financial Institution. Logo for the Crypto Miners Association. The idea was to create something iconic to represent bitcoin mining. The idea of mining bees came to mind, as many computers work together like a swarm of bees to mine crypto currencies. Logo Design For MaxxChain. Logo symbol has multiple powers and connections to the crypto filed.

Compass needle in a center with an echo waves around it, represents navigation in the informational field. The symbol is a representation of a digital coin - in the middle, the K from Kriptomat intertwines with the Bitcoin symbol. Both of them make a unit representing the central element of an Ethereum coin. Outwards, the 4 little corners outside the Ethereum suggest the idea of a box, implicitly of "store" from the motto.

The outermost circle is a representation of the outer boundaries of a coin. The text matches the weight and style of the symbol. The colors are chosen to convey the idea of trust blue and maturity both blue and grey. Rustic logotype for the Crypto Caveman. The Crypto Caveman will be educating and providing information in the Crypto currency niche. Helping people mainly beginners with getting started on how to buy crypto currency, where to go for solid information and how to not get taken advantage off.

Our target will be blue collar, working class people. This is a crypto currency called "Quid Token" It's called Quid for 2 reasons: - Quid is a term used in the UK that's very similar to how Americans use "Buck" to represent a dollar. Harking back to the glory-days of Vegas! A neo-retro piece of gambling whimsy for a new Millenium. Delicious logo for Bitcoin Restaurant Directory. This is the delicious logo for bitcoins restaurants. Simple and nice looking to attract people to fill their own plate.

Serve the bitcoins on a plate. It's a bitcoin restaurant! Modern logo for Bitcoin Wallet app. Bitcoin Ninja Character Logo Design. The design concept for companies engaged in the trading of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency requires a young, colorful, and economic logo.

Designed by combining two words namely 'grape fruit' and 'trading' with a touch that is clean, simple, and modern. Logo for «Crypto Influencer Index». This logo will be immediately associated with the crypto theme because I made it in this style, but not forgetting the wishes of the client. BitNinja logo design for blockchain technology. BitNinja is a Consulting service for blockchain technology, The logo is obviously a Ninja shaping the letter "B" with two swords in the the back that represents the two lines in the middle of the Bitcoin logo.

Design the Cloud Cloud "Cash Cow" logo! Creative logo for a cryptocurrency biz! Daxico is a encrypted cryptocurrency trading and blockchain. Rev Binary Option Contest winner. Logo for Bitcoin automated trading fund. Logo and social media package for new crypto currency related brand. Client need something that shows you can trade cryptocurrencies with each other. Ethereum, Bitcoin,etc So I have made my version with F letter in lock This logo combining 3 element.

This logo was created with the intention of playing with the concept of Bitcoin and also having it represent honey food, sustainability, money. The main color is yellow, which relates to bees, beehives, and honey. Logo Concept for balanced wallet.

This logo doesn't have an owner yet. If you are interested, you can take it home for your business brand. Please Invite me 1-to-1 Project for more detail! Bold logo for Cryptocurency. The idea behind the design: I play more with the initial of the crypto company. So, I combine the letter "K" and "D" into one design as a letter mark. For e-Coin Bitcoin and others information website. Logo design for Blockchain and Token Association. Logo Concept : A and M incorporated as a top part of a screw driver which helps us to remind the term repair and the slightly rounded square shape as a chip.

Logo for The Coin Economy - A cryptocurrency news website. Create a logo for the new Bitcoin marketplace. A winning logo design, developed for a company making deals with bitcoins. Bitcoin exchange service logo. Flip a Coin is an exchange platform, which allows our clients to buy trade or exchange bitcoins with any currency. Digital currency exchange for bitcoin and other cryptocurrency coins. Logo Design for The Bitcoin Diner. An iconography design using the letters 'b' and 'd' by making a chef's face in a very clean, simple and bold way.

Logo proposal for CryptoBigBoard. If you want an amazing Bitcoin logo that stands out from the competition, work with a professional designer. Find and hire a designer to make your vision come to life, or host a design contest and get ideas from designers around the world. Designers from around the world pitch you ideas.

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