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How do i find out if i own bitcoin

how do i find out if i own bitcoin

“Are we putting off other goals so you can do this?” she said. “Or have we handled everything else that needs handling, and now you're in a good. Just as there's no global registry of who currently owns every $5 bill and where they put it, there's no global registry of who owns every. Once you own Bitcoin, you can transfer them anytime, anywhere, reducing the time and potential expense of any transaction. Transactions don't. ELON MUSK FLAMETHROWER CRYPTOCURRENCY

Online wallets are also known as hot wallets. Hot wallets are wallets that run on Internet-connected devices such as computers, phones, or tablets. This can create vulnerability because these wallets generate the private keys to your coins on these Internet-connected devices. Though a hot wallet can be very convenient in the way you are able to access and make transactions with your assets quickly, storing your private key on an Internet-connected device makes it more susceptible to a hack.

This may sound farfetched, but hot wallet holders who haven't set up enough security run the risk of losing funds to theft. This is not an infrequent occurrence, and it can happen in a number of ways. For example, boasting on a public forum such as Reddit about how much bitcoin you hold while you are using little to no security and storing it in a hot wallet would not be wise. That said, these wallets can be made secure so long as precautions are taken.

Strong passwords , two-factor authentication, and safe Internet browsing should be considered minimum requirements. These wallets are best for small amounts of cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency that you are actively trading on an exchange. You could liken a hot wallet to a checking account. Conventional financial wisdom would say to hold only spending money in a checking account while the bulk of your money is in savings accounts or other investment accounts.

The same could be said for hot wallets. Hot wallets encompass mobile, desktop, web, and exchange account custody wallets. As mentioned previously, exchange wallets are custodial accounts provided by the exchange. The user of this wallet type is not the holder of the private key to the cryptocurrency that is held in this wallet. If an event were to occur wherein the exchange is hacked or your account becomes compromised, you would lose your funds. The phrase "not your key, not your coin" is heavily repeated within cryptocurrency forums and communities.

The simplest description of a cold wallet is that it is not connected to the Internet and therefore stands at a far lesser risk of being compromised. These wallets can also be referred to as offline wallets or hardware wallets. These wallets store a user's private key on something that is not connected to the internet and can come with software that works in parallel so that the user can view their portfolio without putting their private key at risk.

Perhaps the most secure way to store cryptocurrency offline is via a paper wallet. A paper wallet is a wallet that you can generate off of certain websites. It then produces both public and private keys that you print out on a piece of paper. The ability to access cryptocurrency in these addresses is only possible if you have that piece of paper with the private key. Many people laminate these paper wallets and store them in safe deposit boxes at their bank or even in a safe in their home.

These wallets are meant for high-security and long-term investments because you cannot quickly sell or trade bitcoin stored this way. A more common type of cold wallet is a hardware wallet. A hardware wallet is typically a USB drive device that stores a user's private keys securely offline. Such wallets have serious advantages over hot wallets because they are unaffected by viruses that could infect one's computer.

With hardware wallets, private keys never come into contact with your network-connected computer or potentially vulnerable software. These devices are also typically open source, allowing the community to determine their safety through code audits rather than a company declaring that they are safe to use. Cold wallets are the most secure way to store your bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

But they require more technical knowledge to set up. A good way to set up your wallets is to have three things: an exchange account for buying and selling, a hot wallet to hold small to medium amounts of crypto you wish to trade or sell, and a cold hardware wallet to store larger holdings for long-term durations. You can also buy bitcoin through payment processor PayPal Holdings, Inc. There are two ways to purchase bitcoin using PayPal.

The first and most convenient method is to purchase cryptocurrencies using your PayPal account that is connected to a payment mechanism, such as a debit card or bank account. The second option is to use the balance of your PayPal account to purchase cryptocurrencies from a third-party provider.

This option is not as convenient as the first because very few third-party sites allow users to purchase bitcoin using the PayPal button. With the exception of those who live in Hawaii, residents of all states can either use their existing PayPal accounts or set up new ones. You can also use your cryptocurrencies to purchase products and services through the "Checkout With Crypto" feature.

To set up a crypto account with PayPal, the following information is required: name, physical address, date of birth, and tax identification number. It is not possible to use a credit card to purchase Bitcoin using PayPal. During the buying process, PayPal will display a price for the cryptocurrency. But that price is subject to rapid change due to the volatility of cryptocurrency markets.

It is a good idea to make sure you have more than the price you budgeted for the purchase in your bank account. When you buy bitcoin directly from PayPal, it makes money off the crypto spread or the difference between Bitcoin's market price and its exchange rate with USD. The company also charges a transaction fee for each purchase.

These fees depend on the dollar amount of the purchase. Thereafter, the fee is a percentage of the overall dollar amount. One disadvantage of purchasing cryptocurrencies through PayPal is that you cannot transfer the crypto outside the payment processor's platform.

Therefore, it is not possible for you to transfer your purchased bitcoin from PayPal's wallet to an external crypto wallet or your personal wallet. The other disadvantage of using PayPal is that very few exchanges and online traders allow the use of the payment processor to purchase payment. The process for purchasing bitcoin with credit cards is similar to the process for buying it with debit cards or through automated clearing house ACH transfers.

You will need to enter your credit card details with the exchange or online trading firm and authorize the transaction. In general, however, it is not a good idea to purchase bitcoin with credit cards. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, not all exchanges allow bitcoin purchasing with credit cards due to associated processing fees and the risk of fraud.

This decision may work out in the best interests of customers. This is because credit card processing can tack additional charges onto such transactions. Thus, in addition to paying transaction fees, you will end up with processing fees that the exchange may pass onto you. The second reason is that credit card purchases can be expensive. Credit card issuers treat bitcoin purchases as cash advances and charge hefty fees and interest rates on such advances.

For example, American Express and Chase both count purchases of cryptocurrencies as cash advance transactions. An indirect method of purchasing bitcoin using a credit card is to get a Bitcoin rewards credit card. Such cards function like your typical rewards credit card except they offer rewards in the form of bitcoin.

So, they invest the cash back earned from purchases into Bitcoin. Beware, however, that the annual fees for these cards may be steep and there may be additional costs associated with the conversion of fiat currencies into crypto. Although exchanges such as Coinbase or Binance remain among the most popular ways to purchase Bitcoin, they are not the only way.

Bitcoin ATMs act like in-person bitcoin exchanges. Individuals can insert cash into a machine and use it to purchase bitcoin that is then transferred to online wallets for users. WMT is testing a pilot program that will offer its customers the option of purchasing bitcoin. Coin ATM Radar can help to track down the closest machines. However, ATMs are an expensive option. There are two charges associated with ATM bitcoin purchases: a purchase fee and a conversion fee for converting a fiat currency to bitcoin.

Both fees are fairly steep compared to those of other options. For example, the worldwide average purchase fee at Bitcoin ATMs is 8. Unlike decentralized exchanges, which match buyers and sellers anonymously and facilitate all aspects of the transaction, there are some peer-to-peer P2P exchange services that provide a more direct connection between users.

LocalBitcoins is an example of such an exchange. After creating an account, users can post requests to buy or sell bitcoin, including information about payment methods and prices. Users then browse through listings of buy and sell offers, choosing the trading partners with whom they wish to transact. LocalBitcoins facilitates some aspects of the trade. Although P2P exchanges do not offer the same anonymity as decentralized exchanges, they allow users the opportunity to shop around for the best deal.

Many of these exchanges also provide rating systems so users have a way to evaluate potential trade partners before transacting. Very few mainstream brokerages offer bitcoin purchase and trading capabilities due to the uncertainty surrounding the regulatory status of cryptocurrencies. Robinhood Markets, Inc. HOOD , an app popular with retail investors, is one exchange that offers crypto trading facilities. The absence of a commission fee may be an enticing prospect for beginners, but there are a couple of catches to that offer.

First, Robinhood does not have the breadth of features and coins offered by prominent crypto exchanges like Coinbase. In contrast, you can trade more than cryptocurrencies on Coinbase. The exchange also offers various order types to minimize risk and offset losses during trading. The Robinhood platform also does not have a hosted wallet.

Therefore, if you want to purchase cryptocurrencies through Robinhood, you will have to factor in additional costs for an online wallet provider. That facility is not available to customers of cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase have crime insurance to protect their infrastructure against hacks. But that insurance does not protect individual customers from password theft. You can sell bitcoin at the same venues where you purchased the cryptocurrency, such as cryptocurrency exchanges and P2P platforms.

Typically, the process of selling bitcoin on these platforms is similar to the process for purchasing it. For example, you may only be required to click a button and specify an order type i. Depending on the market composition and demand at the venue, the offering price for Bitcoin may vary. For example, exchanges in South Korea traded bitcoin at a so-called kimchi premium during the run-up in its prices back in Cryptocurrency exchanges charge a percentage of the crypto sale amount as fees.

For example, Coinbase charges 2. Exchanges generally have daily and monthly withdrawal limits. Therefore, cash from a large sale may not be immediately available to the trader. There are no limits on the amount of cryptocurrency you can sell, however. The process to purchase bitcoin consists of four steps: choosing a venue or exchange to place your order, selecting a payment method, and ensuring safe storage for your purchased cryptocurrency.

Depending on the type of venue chosen in the first step, there might be additional steps involved in the process. For example, if you purchase the cryptocurrency through Robinhood you might need to factor in additional costs for an online wallet and custody of your bitcoin because it does not offer these services.

The most popular venues for buying bitcoins are cryptocurrency exchanges, brokerages crypto and mainstream , and payment services like PayPal. You can also buy Bitcoin from P2P exchanges. For indirect ownership of bitcoin, you can invest in companies that hold the cryptocurrency on their balance sheets, such as Tesla, Inc.

Typically, the price for purchasing bitcoin consists of a fee per trade plus the cost to convert a fiat currency generally dollars to bitcoin. Cryptocurrency exchanges and payment services make money off of this conversion spread.

The fee per trade is a function of the dollar amount of the trade. A higher trade amount will carry higher fees. The overall purchase cost also depends on features offered by the venue. For example, Robinhood does not currently offer an online wallet for storing bitcoin. Therefore, you will need to budget for online wallet costs for your purchase. No, your bitcoin purchase is not protected by SIPC. The process for purchasing bitcoin is slightly more complicated than the process to buy regular equity or stock.

This is mainly because the cryptocurrency ecosystem and infrastructure are not as well developed as those of mainstream trading. A bitcoin purchase process consists of four steps: selecting a service or venue for the purchase, connecting with a payment method, placing an order, and ensuring safe storage for your purchased cryptocurrency. Each of these steps requires research and a careful assessment of the pros and cons of each service.

The United States Department of Justice. New York Times. Gobierno de El Salvador. Internal Revenue Service. More Bitcoin. Securities Investor Protection Corporation. Credit Cards. Your Money. Personal Finance.

Your Practice. Popular Courses. Cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Part of. Guide to Bitcoin. However, hot wallets are not the most secure form of coin storage. If the hot wallet provider is hacked, then your coin information may be at risk. A cold wallet is the safest storage method for your coins.

Some popular cold wallets are:. Need help deciding which wallet is right for you? Take a look at our picks of the best bitcoin wallets. This enables you to purchase coins and sell coins. Alternatively, your bank account may be linked to your cryptocurrency exchange account.

Your cryptocurrency exchange will have everything you need to buy. The big question is, how much Bitcoin should you purchase? Perform day trading with your coins—that is, buying and selling coins with other Bitcoin owners, which can be facilitated on the cryptocurrency exchange. Take a minute online training class today! Before you consider Bitcoin as an investment, you should carefully consider your own goals and determine what you want to accomplish in your investment activities.

Do you want to develop a passive income? Become a full-time investor? Save for retirement? Answering these questions will help you figure out whether Bitcoin is the right investment option for you. That means that Bitcoin values may rise or fall dramatically in value over a very short period—even as quickly as a few hours or days.

Like all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has no intrinsic value. The value of Bitcoin is dependent on market demand. When there are more people buying Bitcoin, the value will increase. When there are fewer people buying Bitcoin, the value will decrease.

Choosing which investments to jump on and which to avoid can be a very confusing decision. Your choice will decide whether you enjoy great returns for years to come or you lose it all. It is impossible to turn on the TV or read an investment blog without hearing about Bitcoin.

It offers investors many advantages over existing investment options. The unique convergence of real estate and Bitcoin may award investors with attractive profits, but how do the two investment vehicles compare to each other by themselves? Many experts believe that Bitcoin is a bubble, meaning it is overvalued and could crash at any moment. Bitcoin is entirely digital, meaning it is more vulnerable to security breaches than a tangible asset. Real estate is an investment that is backed by a strong historical record and the security of a tangible asset.

Depreciation, utilities, insurance, and repairs all allow real estate investors to qualify for valuable tax benefits. If you purchase a large amount of Bitcoin, you may be able to capitalize on a market surge and sell your coins for a much higher value when there are lots of buyers.

It should be noted, however, that Bitcoin values are generally decreasing every year. High-risk investors who pay close attention to the market may be able to generate massive returns when employing that strategy. They might even generate returns that are highly improbable in the world of corporate stocks or government bonds.

To that end, Bitcoin is incredibly liquid. Predatory investors will reach out to amateur or unassuming investors and convince them to pour a lot of money into Bitcoin. The resulting surge causes Bitcoin prices to increase rapidly. The predatory investors are smart, and they sell all of their holdings before the buying surge ends, making a huge profit. But when investors stop buying, the value of the coins falls to extremely low prices.

The unknowing investors would be throwing their money away. You should also know that pump-and-dump schemes and pyramid schemes are illegal. First, you can invest in a company that utilizes Bitcoin technology. Although Bitcoin is a risky investment, plenty of companies sell successful products that incorporate Bitcoin and blockchain technologies. Second, you can participate in Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining is simply allowing your computer to be used as a node for the public ledger.

You could receive free Bitcoin without actually ever purchasing it. The most obvious Bitcoin investment strategy is purchasing standalone Bitcoin. It is important to note that not every online platform or application allows investors to own standalone Bitcoin. Online trading platforms like Robinhood, for example, allow people to invest in Bitcoin, but they do not go as far as to let investors own Bitcoin or its respective keys.

As a result, investing in Bitcoin on Coinbase will allow investors to own the asset and treat it like a currency. In becoming a trusted name in a rapidly growing sector, Greyscale emphasized democratizing Bitcoin for the masses. While Bitcoin is already decentralized, Greyscale gives more people more access to the up-and-coming digital currency. More specifically, Greyscale is an investment platform on the capital market that builds transparent, familiar investment vehicles for a growing asset class with unlimited upside.

Greyscale owes its current success to making Bitcoin more accessible to everyone. In fact, Greyscale helped bridge the gap between the informed and the uninformed. To do so, Greyscale made it easier than ever to invest in Bitcoin. Investors may purchase shares of BLOK on the secondary market and increase their exposure to Bitcoin. That means fund managers constantly seek out businesses that focus on blockchain technology and investing in them.

Therefore, anyone investing in BLOK is invested in a basket of blockchain technology companies. While BLOK may not give investors access to standalone Bitcoin, it does give them access to the companies which use blockchain and its transformational data-sharing technologies.

For those unfamiliar with the Bitwise 10 Large Cap Crypto Index, it tracks the return of the 10 largest cryptocurrency assets on the market. When the assets perform well, investors will realize gains proportionate to the shares they own.

How do i find out if i own bitcoin bitcoin litecoin mining scrypt


There are also funds that have some exposure to bitcoin as well as traditional assets like shares and bonds. These are a form of financial derivative that gives you the right to buy or sell bitcoin at a set price known as a strike price before a certain date of expiry. Unlike buying bitcoin cryptocurrency outright, bitcoin options enable you to take a speculative position up or down on the future direction of a market price.

The digital currency uses as much power as the Netherlands every year, with just 30 countries using more energy, according to researchers from the University of Cambridge. This is why electric car manufacturer Tesla has stopped accepting crypto payments, causing bitcoin to fall. Find out more in our Guide to eco-friendly cryptocurrencies. The Bank of England has been exploring the possibility of its own central bank-backed digital currencies. Other central banks like the Federal Reserve have been doing the same.

As more institutional investors get on board with crypto assets for capital gains, this could help to calm dramatic price moves. However, some banks are more cautious than others. For example, Starling Bank had imposed a temporary suspension on outbound faster payments to cryptocurrency exchanges in order to protect customers. The banks are continually weighing up the risks. Some make it easier for customers to move money to and from crypto exchanges.

The UK financial watchdog has blacklisted cryptocurrency exchange Binance and banned it from carrying out any regulated activity over concerns about its money laundering controls. However exchanges do have to register with the FCA to operate in the UK and are monitored for money-laundering. The FCA has also warned investors to be wary about companies that promise high returns from cryptocurrency.

The nature of investment means that there is never a guarantee of making money. In January the FCA banned the sale of complex derivatives that speculate on cryptocurrency movements. Trading cryptocurrency in China has been illegal since , in what Beijing says is an attempt to stop money-laundering. People could still trade online however on foreign exchanges. Banks and payment firms are banned from providing cryptocurrency transaction services.

In May , three state-backed organisations announced there would be no protection for consumers if they lost any money from crypto trading. If the rumours are true, the technology company could accept bitcoin payments sooner rather than later which could drive the price of the cryptocurrency upwards.

This comes after Amazon posted a job advert looking to hire someone to develop its digital currency strategy. Brown points to tether, the largest stablecoin, backed by one dollar per coin. The stablecoin has not been without controversy either — being fined by the New York Attorney General and banned from the state the year. You could also buy shares the companies associated with bitcoin. There are also some funds and investment trusts that have exposure to cryptocurrencies, which is a less risky way of investing than buying the currencies themselves.

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Occasionally they are rewarded with a Bitcoin for the owner to keep. People set up powerful computers just to try and get Bitcoins. This is called mining. But the sums are becoming more and more difficult to stop too many Bitcoins being generated.

If you started mining now it could be years before you got a single Bitcoin. You could end up spending more money on electricity for your computer than the Bitcoin would be worth. There are lots of things other than money which we consider valuable like gold and diamonds.

The Aztecs used cocoa beans as money! Bitcoins are valuable because people are willing to exchange them for real goods and services, and even cash. Some people like the fact that Bitcoin is not controlled by the government or banks. People can also spend their Bitcoins fairly anonymously. Although all transactions are recorded, nobody would know which 'account number' was yours unless you told them. In an online chat with social media users in January , the world's richest man, Elon Musk, said he was a big supporter of Bitcoin.

He even went as far as to change his Twitter bio to " bitcoin". He has repeatedly shown his support to online currencies in recent years and caused major movements in their values due to his own personal wealth and influence.

This particular endorsement led to the value of Bitcoin to rise significantly. Every transaction is recorded publicly so it's very difficult to copy Bitcoins, make fake ones or spend ones you don't own. It is possible to lose your Bitcoin wallet or delete your Bitcoins and lose them forever. There have also been thefts from websites that let you store your Bitcoins remotely. The value of Bitcoins has gone up and down over the years since it was created in and some people don't think it's safe to turn your 'real' money into Bitcoins.

He said that he was "very nervous" about people using Bitcoin for payments pointing out that investors should realise its price is extremely volatile. By this, he meant that the value could drop significantly at any moment and investors could lose a lot of money. Elon Musk becomes richest person in the world.

These comments are now closed. What are you doing this Bank Holiday weekend? What is the story of Passover? It's a big FA Cup weekend! Home Menu. Guide: What is Bitcoin and how does it work? Getty Images. What is Bitcoin? How does Bitcoin work? A Bitcoin wallet app on a smartphone. How do people get Bitcoins? Denes Farkas. How are new Bitcoins created? People build special computers to generate Bitcoins.

How do i find out if i own bitcoin r9 290 bitcoin mining

Crypto-Currency: How to check the balance of any address. how do i find out if i own bitcoin


So I really should change this to like 0. That way I just get things sent to my wallet. So, set that back to 0. And like I said it works for Mac and PC. Now, of course, I highly recommend GUI miner. I think this program is awesome. It works great. So if you can use this definitely use GUI miner. So, that wraps up Part 2 of the Bitcoin for Beginners video series.

Welcome to Part 3 of the Bitcoin for Beginners video series. The Bitcoin market, where it may be headed in the future and how we can capitalize on trading this currency. So feel free to check it out. Okay, ready? So, which pool should you join and why.

Each pool has a different payout structure and pool fees associated with it. And this should be considered when choosing a pool. BTC Guild, clearly the largest pool and one of the original pools first created for Bitcoin. But the biggest thing to consider with a pool of this size is the competition within it. Since the pool is so large it can affect your luck or likelihood of you sending incorrect information and receiving of award. To elaborate further, pool size will also determine pool speed which determines how fast blocks are found and solved within the Bitcoin network.

Moving forward, GHash. IO, this is not a public pool that anyone can join. So the goal of this method is to reap the benefits of what that power can mine in the Bitcoin market. Their units of measure for mining power is gigahash per second, which is a thousand megahashes per second. So they provide the power and you sit back and collect the profits. Well, this may sound attractive. Of course, they take a percentage. Next is Eligius. This is a free no registration public pool that anyone can join.

Typically, you need to register an account with most pools and create workers to manage your mining and your statistics. Now registration is easy and they even provide their own mining clients for you to use, which is cool. You could just use their miner.

However, their client is coded in Java, which may not be preferred by more advanced users but you can point any mining client to their pool. So it really makes no difference. But this I cannot explain. To be honest, it works for me. Number two will be BitMinter and Eligius will round out the top three. A lot of people are wondering what the unknown pool is.

But more pools create more competition between them, which in turn, is beneficial for the miners like us. Then we have these smaller individual pools. And these smaller pools here are also available options. Yes, maybe some are just starting up and take a while to build up a user base but they move slower and find blocks slower, maybe too slow.

Now at the top here, we have our reward types and explanations. And if we scroll down just a bit we see a nice chart outlining pool fees and payout structures as well as other useful pool information. Now you can see here is BTC Guild. If you remember, this was the largest pool in that pie chart. So, if we scroll down a little bit more, we can see Eligius. They are kept by the pool. That concludes the first half of Part 3.

So, please, click here to continue on to the second half of Part 3. Welcome to the second half of Part 3 in the Bitcoin for Beginners video series. Now first I want to quickly say thank you to all the people who have been watching these videos since Part 1. And then of course the newcomers who may be joining us and watching this video for the first time today. One comment I see often is people asking for Bitcoin. We left off talking about mining pools in the first half.

Now whether it will continue to rise or drop significantly tomorrow is uncertain. But I think there is still room for this price to grow. We went as high as and then we dipped, had a spike and it looks like we may be coming back for another return to that , and beyond. How can we make some money and get a slice of the pie? How can we exchange our Bitcoin for real money? You can purchase half a Bitcoin or. Then you would purchase only.

That leads us to the next question. Now if you already have Bitcoin and all you need to do is send it to your Coinbase account you can click on account settings and then you can click on Bitcoin addresses and you can create a new Bitcoin address. Send all of your coins to Coinbase. You can see that.

And all we need to do is enter that amount here. Step one, leave me your usual comments or questions or spam but be sure to ask for your share link. If you do not use the link that I give you, you cannot win. Step two, take the link I give you from your comment and post it on your Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn or wherever you want to share it.

I will send you the coin in two weeks to any address that you specify when the contest is over. The contest will end December 17th, Anyone can enter and anyone can win. So make sure you comment. You guys are awesome. Good luck.

Hello and welcome to Bitcoin for Beginners Part 4. Now, we left off in the second half of Part 3 talking about the market price of Bitcoin and some of the ways we can buy and sell this virtual asset. I want to first thank everyone for participating.

So many people entered the contest it was unbelievable and it was so much fun interacting with all of you. So, the contest involved the share link which I had asked you to use when re-sharing this video. Congratulations everyone and thank you for participating. Cloud Mining or Cloud Hashing. What is it? Where can we do this? Does it make sense to even do it? These are all great questions and they actually came from you guys. So Cloud Mining is essentially buying the power or the hashing speed that a mining rig generates.

Think of it as a car. The more speed you buy the further you can go or the more Bitcoin you can make. So that sounds pretty good. However, a car needs gas to keep moving and a mining rig needs power to keep mining. Like a cell phone contract, which you will have to renew on a yearly basis or however long I decided to be. Now, not all cloud mining companies are like this.

Some allow you to buy the mining speed for a onetime payment and some offer smaller monthly payments. After you purchase the contract from me and you agree to my terms, my machine will start mining for you and you can sit back and collect the Bitcoin it mines. This is called Cloud Mining or Cloud Hashing. Now if we go to cloudhashing.

Now they have a silver, gold and platinum contract. Now their silver contract is a one-year contract. Their gold and platinum contracts are two-year contracts. The silver contract is for four Gigahashes per second. So, these are the numbers that we would want to really make sure we understand before we get involved with Cloud Mining and Cloud Hashing. The next company I want to show you is minercloud. Now we can just go to minercloud. Now just like cloudhashing.

Just like we did before, we can do the math again. IO is by far the most popular cloud mining platform out there. Now if we look at the Bitcoin hashrate distribution GHash. IO, which is CEX. Now CEX. IO works very similarly to the other companies I just showed you.

They offer contracts and they offer contracts by the gigahash per second. So their prices are a little bit higher. Well, today I can just go over to Coinbase and type in. Now this company CEX. IO does allow you to buy and sell these contracts and you can terminate the contract at any time.

So they do offer you some added flexibility. Another benefit of CEX. IO is more expensive but they have a calculator that will allow us to estimate our mining profit. IO estimate your mining profit calculator. On the left hand side we can put in our parameters and on the right hand side we can see our payout schedule and our monthly profit. Now remember on CEX. Now network stats, current difficulty. The current difficulty is So we can just quickly look back at the difficulty history and see what the difficulty increase percentage has been for the last few months.

Now the conversion increase per month is asking us what percent increase is Bitcoin going to be worth each and every month. You can see that we no longer will make Bitcoin after five months by only purchasing one gigahash per second. Now this may be because CEX. Now this is one of the reasons why I have decided not to go with CEX. However, if I had to choose a company to cloud mine with I would choose cloudhashing.

Now under their mining product in their terms and conditions they break down the percentages that they take from your profits. So, this is something to consider. But even still that they take this much out of our profit I would still go with them because their cost per gigahash is so much lower than CEX.

So remember, cost per gigahash is the key to cloud mining and making your money back and then making a profit. Step one, comment on this video in the comment section below. Step two, like the comments you see from other YouTube users. You can like as many YouTube comments that you want to. The contest will end on December, 31st So like I said earlier I think this will be a lot of fun and it will put the contest in the hands of the YouTube users because you all will be deciding who should win the contest.

Hello and welcome to Bitcoin for Beginners Part 5. In Part 4, we went over cloud mining or cloud hashing. Now the winners had the most likes on their YouTube comments and that was a lot of fun. Some of those comments were hilarious. Thank you to everyone who participated. People are buying all sorts of things with Bitcoin from houses to electric cars, to small islands. People are even buying their way into space using Bitcoin. So where can you spend your Bitcoin and actually buy these things that you want or need.

You need resources, you need real things and this is what I want to show you. I am going to start with a few cool things that I found and then get into the Walmart, the Best Buy, the Amazon. Now the first place I want to show you is really just for kicks.

And pizzaforcoins. So I just wanted to point that out. Kind of cool! The next place I want to show you is BitcoinShop. So, once again, only for US residents only but this is a huge website. They have a lot of categories that you can purchase items with Bitcoin. Now I just want to point one thing out with websites like BitcoinShop. US and BitcoinShop. US and that is all of these products have a markup. If I were to buy this chromecast off of BitcoinShop.

If I head over to Coinbase and I punch in. Bitcoin is an electronic payment system created in It was created as a solution to the modern financial system, where we have a small number of large banks that control who gets an account and which transactions get processed. This means the control of money is centralized , and we have to trust the banks to act responsibly. Banks must be trusted to hold our money and transfer it electronically, but they lend it out in waves of credit bubbles with barely a fraction in reserve.

The centralization of banking and the resulting financial crisis of inspired the development of Bitcoin. It was designed anonymously by Satoshi Nakamoto, and was released in January Bitcoin is just a computer program. You can download it and run it on your computer. When you run the program, it will connect to other computers who are also running this program, and they will start sharing a file with you. This file is called the blockchain , and it is basically a big list of transactions.

When a new transaction enters the network, it gets relayed from computer to computer until everyone has a copy of the transaction. At roughly 10 minute intervals, a random computer node on the network will add the latest transactions they have received on to the blockchain, and share the updates with everyone else on the network.

As a result, the Bitcoin program creates a large network of computers that communicate with each other to share a file and update it with new transactions. It was possible to relay transactions across a network of computers before Bitcoin. However, the problem is that you can insert conflicting transactions in to a network of computers.

For example, you could create two separate transactions that spend the same digital coin, and send both of these transactions in to the network at the same time. Some computers will receive the green transaction first, and some computers will receive the red transaction first. Bitcoin solves this problem by forcing nodes to keep all the transactions they receive in memory before writing them to a file. Then, at minute intervals, a random node on the network will add the transactions from their memory on to the file.

As a result, no double-spend transactions will ever be written to the file, and all nodes can update their files in agreement with one another. The process of adding transactions on to the file is called mining , and it is basically a network-wide competition that cannot be controlled by a single node on the network. To start with, each node stores the latest transactions they have received in their memory pool , which is just temporary memory on their computer.

Any node can then try and mine the transactions from their memory pool on to the file the blockchain. To do this, a node will gather the transactions from its memory pool in to a container called a block , and then use processing power to try and add this block of transactions on to the blockchain. So where does this processing power come in?

Well, to add this block to the blockchain, you must feed your block of transactions in to something called a hash function. A hash function is basically a mini computer program that will take in any amount of data, scramble it, and spit out a completely random yet unique number.

For your block to be successfully added on to the blockchain, this number the block hash must be below the target , which is a threshold number that everyone on the network agrees upon. If your resulting block hash is not below the target, you can make a small adjustment to the data inside the block and put it through the hash function again. This will produce a completely different number that will hopefully be below the target.

If not, you adjust the block and try again. So in summary, the process of mining uses processing power to perform hash calculations as fast as you can to try and be the first computer on the network to get a block hash below the target. NOTE: Although it is still possible for anyone to try and mine blocks, it is no longer competitive to do so on a home computer.

There is now specialized hardware that has been designed to perform hash calculations as fast and as efficiently as possible, which means that mining is now mostly performed by those with access to specialized hardware and cheap electricity.

As an incentive to use processing power to try and add new blocks of transactions on to the blockchain, each new block makes available a fixed amount of bitcoins that did not previously exist. As we have seen, transactions are not added to the file individually — they are collected together and added in blocks.

Each of these new blocks builds on top of an existing one, and so the file is made up of a chain of blocks ; hence, blockchain. Therefore, if someone wanted to rewrite the history of transactions, they would need to rebuild a longer chain of blocks to create a new longest chain for other nodes to adopt. However, to achieve this, a single miner would need to have more computer processing power than the rest of the network combined.

You can think of the blockchain as being a storage facility for safe deposit boxes , which we call outputs. These outputs are just containers that hold various amounts of bitcoin. When you make a bitcoin transaction , you select some outputs and unlock them, then create new outputs and put new locks on them. For example, if I wanted to send you some bitcoins, I would select some outputs from the blockchain that I can unlock, and create a new output from them that only you can unlock.

Moving forward, if you want to send your bitcoins to someone else, you would repeat the process of selecting existing outputs that you can unlock and creating new outputs from them. As a result, bitcoin transactions form a graph-like structure, where the movement of bitcoins is connected by a series of transactions. Lastly, when a transaction gets mined on to the blockchain, the outputs that were used up spent in the transaction cannot be used in another transaction, and the newly created outputs will be available to be moved on in a future transaction.

For example, if I wanted to send you some bitcoins, you would first need to give me your public key. When I create the transaction, I would place your public key inside the lock on the output the safe deposit box. You would then use your private key to unlock this output when you want to send the bitcoins on to someone else. So where can you get a public and private key? Well, with the help of cryptography you can actually generate them yourself.

In short, your private key is just a large random number , and your public key is a number calculated from this private key. But the clever part is; you can give your public key to someone else, but they cannot work out the private key from it.

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