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Bitcoin esports

bitcoin esports

Esports Betting Sites with Bitcoin ; 1. vull.watchcoinprice.com casino logo. $3, Casino Welcome Bonus ; 2. Betonline. % 1ST TIME CRYPTO BONUS ; 3. vull.watchcoinprice.com % Sign-. Best Bitcoin Esports Betting Sites · #1 – BetUS. As the brand name states they focus primarily on the USA market, and are one of the few. Crypto is a natural fit for both the esports and gambling industries, and the fast implementation of the technology by businesses is proof of. CRYPTOCURRENCY NEWS MARKET CAP

This guide is meant to act as a high level walkthrough on how to purchase, deposit, bet and withdraw Bitcoin from your favorite esports betting site. Full information about Bitcoin, trusted wallets and more can be found at Bitcoin. Purchasing Bitcoin Before purchasing Bitcoin, you will need to get yourself a wallet that can receive it in exchange for fiat currency. There are dozens of wallets to choose from today, but the most reliable can be found at Bitcoin.

Once you have a wallet downloaded, secure your Bitcoin by ensuring your private keys are backed up. Further security measures should be taken for larger amounts of Bitcoin. Now that you have a secure wallet, you can purchase Bitcoin from any Bitcoin exchange.

We recommend Bitstamp. Those esports gamblers wishing to remain somewhat anonymous may wish to purchase through LocalBitcoins. After purchasing Bitcoin from the exchange, send the coins to your wallet address from the previous step. The answer is that you can, but Bitcoin exchanges have been hacked on a worryingly frequent basis — we recommend all esports players store their Bitcoin on a device where they own their private key.

Transactions can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours depending on the fee size that is sent with the transaction. Most wallet software will automatically set a fee that enables relatively fast transactions no more than half an hour , but you can use Betting Bitcoin on esports matches Once a Bitcoin deposit has been made at any of these esports betting platforms, the funds will typically be turned into chips or fiat currency.

The conversion for BTC to another value helps to make betting Bitcoin more user friendly. Withdrawing Bitcoin Making a Bitcoin withdrawal is no more difficult than making the deposit. As mentioned, a number of these sites will not require AML or KYC checks and so transacting Bitcoin into and out of an esports betting site is often seamless. Withdrawals from some sites are processed immediately often requiring an email confirmation or 2-factor authentication , and transactions can be monitored on the blockchain by copy and pasting your wallet address into a blockchain explore like blockchain.

Regulation around Bitcoin betting, particularly in esports, is relatively bare at the moment. As Bitcoin betting becomes more popular, it is likely that regulators will require more due diligence from the various esports betting sites here. As it stands, the best rule of thumb is to treat esports Bitcoin betting the same as traditional betting. If traditional betting is illegal or banned in your jurisdiction, then the same applies to Bitcoin gambling.

Here are some of the most common ones:. Tournament Winner — This is probably the most straightforward type of bet — you are betting on a team that is most likely to win a tournament. Some of these bets can be made in advance for more popular tournaments such as the International Match Winner — Similarly to tournament bets, here you bet on which team is most likely to win a certain match in a tournament.

Most of these bets are made during the running of the event. Accumulator Bets — In this type of bet, you are betting on several games at once. Identically to Parlays in regular sports betting, you have to win every game you bet on, otherwise you lose. Prop Bets — These are specialized bets, based on the event that is taking place. For example, you can bet on which team will make the first kill, the number of wins that a team takes or if a certain team has more points than its opponent.

Compared to other types of Bitcoin bets, betting on e-sports takes a little bit of setting up. First of all, you need to convert your cash into Bitcoin and store it in your Bitcoin wallet. Afterward, you need to register to a Bitcoin sportsbook or a Bitcoin casino.

Make sure you check what kind of promotions and bonuses the sites offer, too. Once you do this, deposit your desired amount, send it to the relevant Bitcoin address and start playing! There are two kinds of Bitcoin sportsbooks available. One is a basic Bitcoin casino, which enables you to make bets in BTC.

Once you are done playing, the sum is reconverted to Bitcoin and is placed in your Bitcoin wallet. Bigger Gaming Platforms — When you are choosing a site, make sure they offer a wide array of games as well as betting choices; if the games are limited, so are your options to bet. The bigger the platform, the better. Software — Make sure that you choose sites that use modern applications such as SoftSwiss, Betsoft or Microgaming.

If the app looks like it is dated, stray away from it! License — It is of most importance that the games that you play are licensed. Authorized sites display their license in a much-highlighted way, so you are assured that you are not part of a fraud. Help — Customer support is also a very important thing to look for. Make sure to use sites that offer constant support through chat or phone — in case they only use email, you are not going to get the best aid.

Connect with us. Bitcoin Betting Table Of Contents. They also offer a large package of state of the art casino games and sports betting.. Bet While this is not a bitcoin specific gaming site, they do offer the widest variety of esports, as this is what they focus on. Make sure to check out the bonuses that are available to new players. Why Bitcoin?

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