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How to get bitcoins with a prepaid card

how to get bitcoins with a prepaid card

Various sites are accepting debit cards for acquiring Bitcoins, like Coinbase, Bitpanda, vull.watchcoinprice.com, Localbitcoins, among others. Bitcoins can be purchased here. How Does loading Bitcoin to a Prepaid Card Work? · You present the cardholder a screen on which to load bitcoin. · The cardholder enters the amount to load in. Real-Time conversions. Risk-free transactions. Compliant Accounting. Easy Integrations. TOTAL QUANTITY OF BITCOINS

We believe that transparency and openness is the key to a trusting relationship between us and our users, and it's a great tool to assess all your financial losses before they are deducted from your account. You can see the charged commission directly in the field of transactions because each transaction is different and depends on the amount deposited, which is not always the same. However, the total commission of our website is 0. Such a size of deductions allows us to offer you the best service because each client of the company is our full partner and buddy.

Having built a cryptocurrency platform with years of experience, we will do our best to ensure our website users are satisfied with its simplicity, ease, and reliability. We are convinced that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the technologies of the future! These two tools will change and improve many spheres of mankind's life, as well as cardinally change the view of the digital world. That's why we are implementing this project right now, investing all our capabilities, knowledge, and funds as much as possible.

We strive to create an ideal tool that will allow everyone not only to experience the future but also to invest intelligently and then to multiply invested funds. Our main goal is to provide quality services and tools for investing, so you can secure your future and learn about the digital world as easily and affordably as possible. Detailed information on how to create and activate an account on our resource, as well as how to start trading cryptocurrencies, making exchanges, selling, etc.

The main sequence of account activation on the website is performed in several steps and the following sequence:. On the main page of the platform, the visitor should enter his preferred amount of currency that he wants to spend on the asset, or enter in the appropriate window the desired number of coins.

Also at this step, he should select the type of digital coins he needs. Each user should click on the «Continue» button and proceed to the next step. The user has to enter his personal email, and then, after reading the site's user agreement and the rules, check the appropriate box.

A confirmation code will be sent to the indicated email, which must be entered in the window and click on «Login». The second part of verification is payment data confirmation: now each J2TX affiliate must enter payment data and provide a selfie with a card pre-specified as a payment method. At this step, the client becomes a full-fledged user and can use the full functionality of J2TX.

To complete the transaction you need to choose in a new window the option of the asset to be exchanged, as well as specify the personal number of the cryptocurrency wallet. Complete the process and withdraw the funds by confirming the transaction with the button. This site does not allow nicknames or aliases. The name you register must match the name on your passport or ID card.

Our proposed exchange rate at the time of transactions is set according to the analysis of data from several expert cryptocurrency exchange resources. Due to the increased volatility of the crypto market, as well as the volatility of exchange rates, we take into account every aspect of exchange rate changes before offering you the final exchange options and figures. We are extremely profitable and open, so the exchanges and rates we provide are the most favorable, and the almost complete absence of transaction fees helps company clients save personal funds without unnecessary losses.

You will also see a full accounting of the exchange and spendings before you confirm the transaction. Cryptocurrency transaction fees are similar to bank fees in essence but different in execution. Transaction fees are different costs associated with moving crypto from one wallet address to another. A wallet address is a possible destination for a transfer, similar to the way you send emails to your friends or colleagues at an email address.

In many cases, the amount of commission determines the speed of transactions, but that's not always the case. For example, our transaction speed is a few minutes at 0. Making transactions of crypto assets, remember: carefully check the information about deductions before completing the transaction.

This way, you will not only provide yourself with confidence but also get rid of possible unforeseen expenses. Buying Bitcoin for fiduciary currency is a well-known method of diversifying savings. Many investors prefer to make this purchase online by exchanging funds for cryptocurrency using debit or credit cards. However, if you are used to making daily purchases using bank cards, it does not mean that you can also easily purchase cryptocurrency. At this point, an investor can face two problems: many exchanges impose restrictions on the use of bank cards, and issuing banks quite often prohibit the purchase of all types of cryptocurrencies.

If, however, the bank allows this operation, the buyer has another problem - commissions. In this case, J2TX exchange for trade and exchange of cryptocurrencies will be the best solution! With this service you can buy Bitcoin with a Visa card in the shortest amount of time at an attractive rate. Each user is guaranteed the security and confidentiality of their data, as well as high-quality service.

Visa cards in any currency can be used to make the exchange. The service is available to everyone no matter where they live in the world! Similarly to any other payment system, J2TX also has a minimum and maximum deposit amount. The maximum amount is determined by the bank that issues your card. Contact customer service for more information about increasing the deposit amount. Our customer service representatives will find the right solution for you.

J2TX has years of experience in providing services, and has been on the market since Transaction fees for J2TX are 0. This is by far the best offer out there! Many services recommend paying attention to currency fluctuations in order to purchase Bitcoin more profitably. You do not have to worry about this with the J2TX service.

The exchange itself carries out the analysis and provides the most profitable rates at the time of purchase. Most investors are also concerned about how long it takes to buy or exchange fiat for cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. With J2TX, you do not have to pay up front. Upon entering all the necessary information and depositing your fiat you will be credited with Bitcoins within minutes. BTC's fast network can account for such a rapid rate of work. It is also important to consider the speed of transactions of the bank you selected, which will affect the amount of time it takes to complete the exchange.

Should your transaction not be completed within 15 minutes or you are experiencing problems, you should contact the bank's or the website's customer support team. When you are thinking of investing in cryptocurrency, it is recommended that you use a Visa Card to purchase Bitcoin.

Let's explore some of the benefits of this method. It does not require a pre-deposit or long waiting time - just fill in your cryptocurrency purchase details on J2TX and receive your funds in just a few minutes. The exchange does not store or archive payment card information, so third parties, including employees, cannot access it.

All your data will remain confidential and classified because no ID authorization is necessary on the website. You only need to provide your phone number and the wallet address. Should you experience any difficulty or be unable to make a purchase, customer support is always available.

In addition, the website provides instructions on how to make a purchase and get access to the best rate at the time of the transaction! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. To find out more about the cookies we use, see our Privacy Policy. You can mine bitcoin, you can buy and sell it, but you cannot buy stuff with it.

It is like buying and selling Beanie Babies and then getting upset you cannot buy a pizza with one. Along came Bitwala. Bitwala and its peers are an important part of this new ecosystem. They provided holders of cryptocurrency the ability to pay for stuff directly.

Earlier this year, Visa shut down the Bitwala card because they provided direct access to cryptocurrencies through their Visa card product. This sent shock waves through the blockchain community. As a Prepaid Program Manager, you know there is no greater risk than having your program shut down by your issuing bank or the network.

You want to avoid this at all costs…right? Good news! There is a way around this. Visa allows the currency to be converted to cash outside of the prepaid card. That cash can be then be loaded to the card.

I have questions into MasterCard and Discover and will update the article when I hear back from them. Traditionally, you could only cash out bitcoin by selling it on an exchange and transferring that money back to your bank account. This can take days. Alternatively, you could transfer bitcoin to someone and they could pay you via a third-party such as PayPal — but this is risky.

In fact, that is how the first bitcoin was sold. Enter a company called BitPay out of Atlanta Georgia. BitPay started as a way to give online merchants a means to accept bitcoin for their goods and services. For example, overstock. BitPay extended this capability to include prepaid cards. During the on-boarding process, you need to request a waiver — more about that later.

Keep in mind that one of the restrictions of BitPay is that they currently only allow conversion of bitcoin. But this is okay. Before I start explaining how to load bitcoin to a prepaid card, let me give you a general overview of how bitcoin works from a currency standpoint. The first thing you need to do is purchase bitcoin. You can do this through an exchange. One of the more popular exchanges is Coinbase. After you sign up for a Coinbase account, you will need to connect a credit card or bank account.

Then you can purchase bitcoin at the current market price. If you use a credit card, your purchase is immediate. Be careful though, a lot of credit card companies block purchases at that point. You can also connect your bank account, however those purchases take a week to settle. Once you have bitcoin, you can send or sell it through your wallet.

A wallet is like a bank account that holds your bitcoin. Wallets can be part of a website like Coinbase, you can have a software wallet on your computer, or you can even print out your wallet. You must have access to the wallet or your bitcoin could be gone for ever. The general rule of thumb for Prepaid Program Managers is that you do not want to touch the money or have it in your possession.

You may trigger the need to become a Money Transmitter. Talk to your attorney about this for clarification. The first part of the money flow is to sell the bitcoin. This is accomplished through BitPay. When the cardholder enters the sales receipt code into their wallet, that triggers the transfer of bitcoin to BitPay.

Once this is completed, BitPay sells the bitcoin on the market. BitPay is not taking on any risk here. They will sell it quickly and usually the price fluctuations are not so volatile that it will change between the time of the transfer and sell. Once BitPay sells the bitcoin, they will transfer the cash into your account minus their fee. Note that the sale and confirmation can take minutes to be validated.

This is due to a bitcoin limitation where it takes this long for all of its decentralized computers to update the blockchain record of transaction. Once the sale is fully updated, then BitPay will tag the transaction as complete.

The transfers usually arrive the next day. Note at the time of this writing, BitPay only allows you to transfer whole percentages. Until they upgrade their system, you will need to get creative with your fee collection, transfers, and reconciliation. If your bank has to net out fees, this could cause the program to be rejected or increase your costs with the bank. The funds should be deposited directly into the pooled funds account.

Your bank will want the accounts vs the deposit reconciled on a daily basis. At minimum, they will need a daily report from the processor showing all of the individual deposits. To my knowledge, there are no processors that are connected directly to BitPay at this time. If you know differently, please let me know in the comments below. Since this is the case, you will need to trigger your processor to load the funds onto the card. I recommend that you do this via API as these funds can be made available instantly.

Once the Processor receives the API call, they can load the card with the appropriate transaction. If possible, use a transaction that is not currently in use to make your reconciliation process easier. Once the funds are loaded, your processor should be able to generate an alert to the cardholder letting them know that the funds have been available.

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