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Is bitcoin a bubble waiting to burst

is bitcoin a bubble waiting to burst

The price of Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market value, has also surged over the past few months, up from less than US$ in. The ongoing bitcoin price surge might seem crazier than , but it is driven by staid investors. Bitcoin is a bubble waiting to burst, according to one investment advisor who thinks there are two severe risks ahead. The prices of bitcoin and other. DECENTRALIZED CRYPTO CURRENCY EXCHANGES

The more bitcoins that have been "mined", the longer it takes to mine new coin, and the more electricity is used in the process. Louis Chauvin admits he cannot find the iPad that is used by staff for processing bitcoin payments, as he resumes serving customers queueing to pay with their contactless bank cards. Bitcoin is a digital currency, also known as a cryptocurrency, that emerged after the financial crisis and is not underpinned by a central bank.

But as bitcoin hits the stratosphere, there are fears an economic bubble is forming as it becomes treated less like a currency and more like a store of value, open for speculators making ever increasing bets on how far it can rise. Central bankers, who had to step in when the subprime mortgage bubble burst, have also warned of its dangers. Both examples foreshadow a painful collapse for a currency that has no intrinsic value to those who hold it beyond that ascribed to it by a community of owners.

Should they realise the emperor has no clothes en masse, there could be a rude awakening. They found the current value of bitcoin running at six times its average price since Bitcoin disciples argue its price will rise further, viewing volatility as a necessary bump on the path to even higher valuations. Fans even coined a term to describe their tactic of holding on for dear life — Hodl. A deliberate mistyped neologism - up there with noob, to mean newbie — adding to the pantheon of computer slang.

There are some rational reasons to keep calm and carrying on hodling. Serious investors are just getting interested in a market that has so far been dominated by crypto nerds and retail investors. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME is introducing bitcoin derivatives — a form of bet on the future value of the currency — which will let hedge funds into the market before Christmas.

But the bigger bitcoin grows and the more conventional institutions such as the CME get involved, the more chance there is of investors losing money and for regulators to intervene. The currency is said to have been created by a mysterious figure called Satoshi Nakamoto , although there is no proof this is actually a real person.

The absence of any government or bank standing behind the currency also fuels its appeal to those unhappy with the financial system after the credit crunch. He also accepts the currency at the independent cafe he runs with his brother, Nincomsoup, which they first opened together just before the dotcom crash 18 years ago.

The restaurant is not exposed to a bitcoin bubble because customers pay via an app that takes on the risk by instantly converting bitcoin payments into pounds on behalf of the shop. There is big money to be made, but a billionaire investor can get swindled just as easily as a newbie buying a tiny sliver of a single Bitcoin. Also Read — How Trump coins became an internet sensation. As stocks were sold off early this week, crypto prices also plunged. Bitcoin dropped nearly 13 per cent before rebounding along with stocks.

Their price declines have dragged down other digital asset prices, too. Analysts attribute the decline to investors who are pulling their money out of higher-growth, risky assets — including technology stocks — as interest rates are set to rise. That has put a dent in the argument, promoted by crypto boosters, that digital assets offer a hedge against losses in other markets. Despite their volatile and occasionally inscrutable nature, cryptocurrencies are becoming more widely traded, used and held — El Salvador recently started accepting Bitcoin as legal tender, the Federal Reserve is studying whether to issue its own digital coin, and wealth managers are encouraging clients to explore crypto assets.

There are so few reliable measures of value that it is hard to tell whether the excitement around a particular cryptocurrency is justified — or a bubble about to burst. Traditional financial analysis does not apply here. But few, if any, of those metrics translate to cryptocurrency valuation.

Belief alone can drive value. Another 11, or more digital coins and tokens also exist, many of them vying to gain enough acceptance to become the next Bitcoin or Ether. Coins operate on their own digital backbones, called blockchains. Tokens rely on other blockchains to get around in cyberspace. Coins, tokens and other assets are stored in wallets, which are comparable to online bank accounts except that their holdings are visible to all.

Also Read — El Salvador defends use of Bitcoin as legal tender. By standard measures of value, the prices of Bitcoin and Ether are understandable. Bitcoin is held in nearly 9 million wallets, according to Chainalysis, a data provider. One way to cut through the thicket is to pick a coin or token that is built to fulfill a certain purpose — as an alternative to traditional money, like Bitcoin, or, say, a way to transfer money to parts of the world where basic banking services are hard to come by.

No matter how its value fluctuates, the thinking goes, there will be a reason to use it, which can make it a good investment. Mark Cuban, who became a billionaire by selling an internet radio company to Yahoo in , recently learned this lesson the hard way. Solana and Polygon are other networks with their own coins that could eventually be used to trade anything from carbon credits to digital versions of academic textbooks.

Dogecoin was briefly worth more than the total value of shares of Twitter last year. Shane Rodgers, a former investment banker, recently started PDX, a payments processing company that will let consumers buy retail goods using cryptocurrencies even from vendors that do not accept them. People who like his business idea can buy the token instead of shares in his company. On May 19, for example, Bitcoin plunged 30 per cent after the Chinese government said it would restrict banks from handling cryptocurrencies, dragging down other crypto prices and showing the potential for contagion in the market for digital assets.

When Bitcoin plunged last May, Binance.

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NEWSNIGHT: Bitcoin -- the future, or a bubble waiting to burst?

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